Jewelry App amondz Drives 20% More Conversions With Push Notifications and In-App Messages

When Korea’s innovative jewelry app amondz wanted a better solution to help them segment, target, and reach customers, they turned to Braze—and achieved a 20% increase in abandoned cart conversions.

The earliest known piece of jewelry was created around 25,000 years ago; A handmade, crude necklace of fish bones discovered in a cave in Monaco. Since then, jewelry has become an international business that brings in hundreds of billions of dollars a year. But until fairly recently, that business has been almost entirely brick and mortar: Go to the store, try it on, and buy it. Korea’s amondz is changing that, offering a jewelry-focused shopping app with more than 60,000 products from nearly 2,000 domestic and international luxury brands.

With data-based jewelry curation services and same-day delivery service, amondz not only provides high-quality jewelry with fast and reasonable prices, but also drives expansion of the global online jewelry shopping market, setting trends for other companies to follow. And as they’ve expanded, amondz identified an internal need for a tool to see accurate campaign results, and comprehensively analyze performance. They’ve also created some new strategic objectives:

  1. Adopting an all-in-one tool that specializes in the complete user lifecycle, from first click to a transaction.

  2. Preventing customer churn and improving overall engagement with targeted messaging campaigns based on sophisticated customer segmentation.

And that’s when they brought in Braze.

Improving the Customer Experience

Prior to Braze, amondz used a proprietary tool for messaging and customer engagement, but couldn’t see detailed results beyond open rates. That made it difficult to analyze purchase conversion rates, customer behaviors at each stage of their journey, factors that triggered purchases, and to determine what messaging was the most effective.

Furthermore, amondz was unable to segment their customers, meaning that if they wanted to send outreach, they had to send it to all of their customers all at once. This led to significant churn, wth some customers deleting their app altogether after receiving messages that weren’t related to their personal shopping behaviors and experience. These pain points led amondz to seek out a new strategy to increase user engagement, help guide users through their customer journey, and ultimately increase retention and conversion through personalized messaging and sophisticated customer segmentation.

Bringing the Personal Touch Back to Jewelry Shopping

After adopting Braze, amondz focused on increasing retention and conversion rates by delivering personalized messages to targeted customer segments.

First, they created customer segments within Braze by sorting users based on page views, whether they’d marked items as favorites or added items to carts, and their purchase history, among other factors. Then, messages were sent to the segments based upon that behavior.

To do this successfully, amondz used the Braze platform to create and send push notifications and in-app messages aimed at these behavior-related segments. For example, customers received in-app messages immediately when they searched for an item, or a push notification detailing new discounts on an item that they had marked as favorites within the last seven days.

And for a more timely, holiday-focused effort, amondz utilized Braze to create a unique Valentine’s Day campaign where customers could look for chocolate-shaped sweet coupons hidden throughout the mobile app. The coupons would appear in response to a customer’s specific behaviors, such as viewing certain products or event pages, searching for items, or adding items to their cart.

Braze is a smart co-worker who shares all my marketing concerns. In the past, the tool we used was difficult to target, so we had to send the same messages to all customers. And, due to the difficulty of checking detailed data after message open stage, it wasn't easy to analyze performance of campaigns and plan new ones. However, Braze allowed us to create sophisticated segments according to various customers’ behavior and deliver personalized messages based on the segments. Thanks to Braze, message open rate is increasing and it became possible to gain insights and set marketing strategy using objective data. In addition, Braze helped to improve work efficiency by letting me do many kinds of work by myself, from testing to executing campaigns, without any additional resources. If you want to try to do a variety of things in marketing with few resources, I highly recommend adopting Braze.

Sungyoung Kwon
Marketing Manager, bejewel (amondz)

amondz Results: Better Engagement for More Conversion

amondz has achieved excellent results since they started using Braze to more effectively segment and provide personalized messages to their customers. They’ve seen a 20% increase in conversions after sending push notifications to customers who put items in their cart but didn’t complete a purchase and were able to drive a 50% click-through rate on highly personalized push notifications and in-app messages.

Final Thoughts

Growth shouldn’t mean that customers lose the personalized experience of brick and mortar stores just because new ways to shop have become available. With segmentation and personalization from Braze, amondz has made their app a little more human and given users a more relevant, valuable experience, based on the items that they love.

Feeling inspired to create better, personalized experiences for your customers? Check out the Braze Personalization Guide for more on how personalization could be a game changer for your brand.