Customer Engagement—It Should Be a Conversation

Clear communication between different teams and different technologies is a must-have for marketers

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In the decade-plus since the introduction of the first iPhone kicked off the rise of a new, mobile-first era, we’re increasingly moving into a new world. A world where customer-brand relationships are defined not by a blast-based one-to-many approach, but a personalized, targeted relevant one-to-one brand experiences that’s provided to consumers at scale using automation.

That’s a big switch for marketers. And to successfully make that switch, brands need to stop thinking about customer outreach as a one-way street and start thinking about them as an active conversation between their company and the people who patronize it. Getting there takes data and technology, but it also takes effective teamwork—after all, you need to ensure that similar “conversations” are taking place between different technologies, internal teams, and outside stakeholders that touch the customer experience.

In the new Conversation Issue of Braze Magazine, we’ll explore:

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