Web Messaging: What It Is, How It Works, and Why It Matters

Brands looking to engage customers wherever they are need web messaging in their marketing arsenal. About 31% of the time individuals spend with digital media is via web browsers*, making web push notifications and in-browser messaging important avenues for customer engagement. Timely web messaging is relevant throughout the customer lifecycle, whether to welcome a newcomer with an onboarding experience or alert a loyal user to a limited-time offer.

With the ability to directly engage web visitors at a personal level, web push notifications and in-browser messages are making a familiar platform like the web feel new and full of exciting possibilities.

*Source: ComScore's 2019 "Global State of Mobile" report

Download the guide and you will:

  • Understand how to differentiate when in-browser messaging or web push is better for customer engagement...and why asking first-time visitors to opt in to receive web messages is likely to fail.
  • Gain practical knowledge like the five kinds of in-browser messages, web messaging pros and cons, and how Content Cards enable recipients to find your message after the notification has disappeared.
  • Learn how Anthropologie and NASCAR use web messaging to achieve double-digit improvement in key metrics like open rate, app download, and conversion.


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