The Future of Retail

As you may have already heard a thousand times now, we’re living through truly unprecedented times. COVID-19 stopped much of the world’s economy in its tracks, and the retail industry is no exception. How are retailers and consumers adjusting to the new normal?

To help retail brands navigate the current climate, Braze partnered with Wakefield Research to conduct an 8,000-person global survey to gain deeper insight into consumer behavior and perceptions. Our research found that the pandemic has shifted consumer consciousness, reshaping not only how individual shoppers engage but their perception of the brands they patronize.

In this data report “The Future of Retail: Opportunities for Brands in the New Normal,” discover how consumers’ shopping patterns have changed, what brands can do to increase customer retention, which actions actually drive revenue, and predictions on what the 2020 holiday season will look like.

In this exclusive report, you’ll find out:

  • How COVID-19 is transforming how individual shoppers engage, browse, and transact with the brands they patronize
  • Why 83% of consumers say they plan to shop online as much or more during the height of the pandemic, accounting for a 62% lift in mobile acquisition of new users
  • What consumers expect from brands in terms of a response to the pandemic and why some are willing to walk away from retailers as a result


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