Uplevel Your Email Program with Braze Email Creative Services

Team Braze By Team Braze Jun 1, 2023

Email is one of the most powerful tools that marketers have to effectively reach and engage their customers. But too many email marketing teams find themselves with a gap between their creative needs and the resources necessary to make their vision a reality. To help bridge this gap, we’re pleased to announce the launch of a new Braze offering designed to help email marketers solve this problem—namely, Braze Email Creative Services.

Whether you’re looking to transition your email marketing program to Braze or are ready to take your existing email program to the next level, Braze Email Creative Services is here to help. We’re offering email migration support, email HTML coding assistance, and email design strategy services that may help brands:

  • Launch and scale faster: We’ll create new email campaigns and migrate existing email assets to Braze for you, speeding up your time to value with Braze

  • Alleviate internal workloads: Braze handles the intake, editing, and delivery of completed HTML assets

  • Improve email marketing ROI: By supporting faster time to production, email marketers can likely drive more value with the messages they send, faster

Braze Email Creative Services Partnership Levels

To accommodate a broad range of email needs, Braze Email Creative Services is offering three paid levels of support. Read on to learn more about each tier and assess which one makes the most sense for your team.

#1: HTML Migration Accelerator: Jumpstart Your Launch

Quickly and smoothly transition to Braze with:

  • Migration support: Hand off existing assets you need to migrate to Braze so your communications can be optimized for better performance within Braze

  • Out-of-the-box, ready-to-use, fully-tested and optimized email templates mean no design work or coding work is needed on your end

  • A dedicated project manager and shared feedback portal make it easy to coordinate tasks and activities, supporting a more efficient migration

#2: Just the Code: The Technical Expertise You Need

Bring your email ideas to life with extra technical support for:

  • Full template creation: Send us your brand guidelines or example designs and we’ll handle the rest, creating full templates without all the legwork on your part

  • Custom designs: We’ll provide custom fonts and design mock-ups in ready-to-use templates that are pre-tested and ready to put live

  • A dedicated project manager and shared feedback portal for sharing feedback and making easy adjustments

#3: Design + Code: Complete Braze Email Creative Services

Aim for faster time to launch and value with:

  • Creative services: Up to three months of email creative support in an iterative partnership, helping your team drive towards the best results with Braze

  • Full design concepts and fully customized templates, custom fonts, and additional language template support

  • A dedicated project manager to oversee rounds of creative feedback, adjustments, and technical support

How to Sign Up for Braze Email Creative Services

To learn more about the program and see if you meet the enrollment eligibility requirements, get in touch with our sales team or reach out directly to your team’s dedicated account executive or customer success manager.

Note: Currently available as an early-access program, Braze Email Creatives Services will be open to select Braze users, based on availability and certain eligibility requirements.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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