14 Mobile Marketing Twitter Influencers to Follow

Team Braze By Team Braze Apr 19, 2016

Twitter can provide a wealth of information about the topics you care about, filling your feed with up-to-the-minute news, or it can just be a lot of noise. The key, of course, is following the right accounts.

We’ve sifted through thousands of influencers to find 14 who will help make you smarter about mobile marketing, in 140 characters or less. Enjoy getting to know these mobile leaders, IoT experts, design purists, search engine nerds, and all-around well-read business leaders. Their insights and perspectives will make your Twitter newsfeed a trusted source for what matters the most in mobile right now.

Andrew Chen


The head of Growth at Uber, Andrew Chen is a LinkedIn Influencer, who writes about mobile marketing on andrewchen.co and who tweets what he’s reading. (And he’s well-read.) Follow him if you want to learn about what’s truly driving success and innovation in the mobile age on a range of topics, including everything from startup culture and venture capital to product marketing and content strategy.

Peggy Anne Salz


Peggy Anne Salz is a subject matter expert in all things mobile and her tweets stick to this topic and this topic alone, providing continuity and depth. Her credentials include being the co-author of The Everything Guide to Mobile Apps, founder of MobileGroove, and contributor to Forbes and VentureBeat, among other publications. Do be prepared for some clutter in the form of thank-yous to her most engaged followers. And while she may tweet her bylines multiple times, to be fair, they are retweet-worthy thought leadership pieces on topics like app store optimization strategies, differentiation in a saturated marketplace, and harnessing data to deliver on engagement.

Tamara McCleary


How should marketing strategy evolve given the ever-changing landscape of mobile, IoT, big data, and fragmented social media? Social influencer and industry thought leader Tamara McCleary, who runs her own consulting business around company branding and the importance of relationship marketing, tweets and retweets about these topics at rapid-fire pace, having published 50K tweets since 2014. You can look forward to a handful of inspirational quotes as well.

Luke Wroblewski


If you find yourself obsessing over the design of mobile devices, apps, and websites, you’re in good company with Luke Wroblewski, a product director at Google and the author of Mobile First. As @lukew, he shares insights in the form of easy-to-read infographics on how small tweaks can have a real impact on your business. Occasional plugs for Google and digs at Apple come with the territory.

Rand Fishkin


As the founder of Moz, a platform for search engine, content, and Twitter marketing, Rand Fishkin shares his up-to-the-minute thinking on all of the above. But don’t plan on learning how to game search engines, or Twitter, for that matter. Instead, you’ll get his honest opinions about how changes to search and social algorithms could impact marketers, and steps to take to stay abreast of the changes. Don’t be surprised by the links out to Moz, and some personal stuff you may decide to tune out.

John Legere


While the T-Mobile mogul is nothing if not controversial, John Legere’s presence (2.28 million followers) puts him not just in the realm of mobile influencers but in the world of Twitter celebrities. He even has his own Twitter emoji, which is generating a controversy of its own. Follow him on Twitter, and you’ll see how he engages with real customers, updates about his company’s strategy, a lot of flak for his competitors (AT&T and Verizon), and his straight-up opinions about the latest advancements in the industries of mobile, social, AI, and VR.

Vanessa Estorach


For a more global perspective on mobile, follow the Barcelona-based Vanessa Estorach, co-founder of @women_in_mobile and CEO of the mobile marketing strategy firm e-growing, whose bilingual (Spanish and English) tweets share what she’s reading and give a glimpse of the industry events (#AppPromotionSummit, #MobileMoments, #MWC, and more) she’s presenting at and attending.

David Berkowitz


Following @dberkowitz may only exacerbate the FOMO you experience when you feel like you’re the only one who’s not going to must-attend industry events like SXSW, Mobile World Congress, and CES. If you can live with the envy, then there’s lots to enjoy in David Berkowitz’s behind-the-scenes tweets and Periscopes. As the CMO at the agency MRY and a contributor to Ad Age, expect a minimal amount of self-promotion, alongside mobile, VR, and IoT marketing insights.

Christina Richards


If you’re passionate about equality and innovation in the mobile age, then Christina Richards, vice president of marketing at AOptix, is a must follow. She tweets as @mobile_iot about what advances are being made to bridge the digital divide, resources for fellow women in tech, what the impact of 5G will be, and the future of the Internet of Things and the security implications of living in a even more connected world.

Sarah Perez


What are the latest updates from the big players in mobile and mobile web—Apple, Google, Firefox, Microsoft, and social media apps, among them? Count on TechCrunch technology writer Sarah Perez to be among the first to write, and tweet, about them. She uses IFTTT to post most of her tweets, links to her TechCrunch bylines, so don’t expect her to reply right away if you respond to one of her tweets.

Simon Khalaf


Not all executives are great at translating the vision and insights they have as leaders IRL into a meaningful Twitter presence. While praising his colleagues at Yahoo! more than some may be interested in, Simon Khalaf, senior vice president at Yahoo! and the former president and CEO of Flurry, does give a peek under the hood of what his team is working on and what he thinks is working (and what’s not) in the mobile world.

Michael J. Becker


How are—or should—companies be innovating in the mobile age? Co-founder of mCordis, a mobile consulting company, and a former board member of the Mobile Marketing Association, Michael J. Becker, tweets about how today’s advancements in technology are changing the very nature of marketing and how marketing teams and job responsibilities will be shaped in the future.

Jeff Hasen


When a company’s apps, marketing automation messaging, and other points of contact with customers are flawed, they will notice, and they will take to social media to complain. One of the most knowledgeable and vocal champions of quality customer communications in the mobile, connected age is Jeff Hasen, founder of Gotta Mobilize and author of the book The Art of Mobile Persuasion. Hasen live tweets the mistakes he encounters—as an airlines customer, patient, insured homeowner and driver, as an everyday person like you and me. Watch and learn as he gets businesses to respond and change. Plus, he tweets from relevant conferences like #MobileSummit and #IMediaSummit and weighs in on the industry articles he’s reading.

Dana Wollman


The next time you find yourself wishing you could be the first to try out the latest gadget, tweet @DanaWollman who, as a Engadget’s managing editor, usually is among the first to test outand tweet aboutwhat’s new in VR, smartphones, and even laptops. While you may not get closer to being able to physically play with all the new shiny objects she gets to try, you’ll likely appreciate her honest opinions, banter with fellow Twitter techies, and sense of humor.

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