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LTR 2019 Video: Fireside Chat with Marisa Thalberg [VIDEO INSIDE]

By Team Braze Nov 05 2019

Brilliant customer experiences take more than technology. To create and sustain exceptional outcomes for consumers, brands need to embrace an innovative, customer-centric vision and ensure there’s organization-wide alignment around it. At this Long-Term Relationship (LTR) conference, we dug into how today’s brands can embrace the strategy needed to make that vision a reality.

What you’ll learn from this session:

  • Why being genuine matters, especially when consumers can easily sniff out inauthenticity
  • What it takes to create experiences that customers crave
  • How brands can cut through the noise and really engage users

What It Takes to Rewrite the C-Suite Customer Engagement Playbook

During LTR, Braze President and Chief Customer Officer Myles Kleeger sat down with Marisa Thalberg, consultant at Yum! and former Global Chief Brand Officer of Taco Bell. Thalberg discussed key strategies and bold activations—like the Bell Hotel and T-MoBell—from her career, and how she uses a human-first approach to marketing to help overcome flat and declining growth.

According to Thalberg, today’s best customer engagement strategies more responsive and more human brand experiences. And while every industry has its own unique uses cases and audiences, that central focus on acknowledging and serving customers’ intrinsic humanity is a constant.

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