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Kelsey Cottingham By Kelsey Cottingham Apr 17, 2017

Technology keeps changing—and customer preferences and exceptions change with it. To keep up brands need the right marketing technology stack to support and optimize their engagements efforts. But that’s not enough. They also need expert guidance on how to make the most of those technologies, and how to ensure that you’re prepared to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

To help out on both fronts, this year’s LTR conference will be taking attendees inside the marketing technology stack. That means exploring the different technologies and tools that can impact and enhance the experiences of engineers, marketers, creatives, and consumers alike, and bringing in a brain trust of movers, shakers, innovators, and thought-leaders from all sorts of verticals and industries to provide that expert guidance. Let’s meet some of them!

Communications & Media

B. Bonin Bough

Bonin Bough

You may know him as MMA’s Mobile Marketer of the Year, host of CNBC’s Cleveland Hustles, the brain behind Oreo’s famous Super Bowl post, “You can still dunk in the dark,” or as an author who put his actual cell number on the cover of his book, but we know him now as LTR 2017’s opening keynote speaker. In his address, Bough will look at how to maintain a people-first messaging strategy in an increasingly fragmented, mobile-first landscape.

Kate Gardiner

Kate Gardiner is a collaboration guru. She’s a cofounder and partner at AVG [Average], a creative studio that works with media brands, the founder of the DSTL agency, and events director at, a platform for women in business, technology, and media. An often overlooked part of the marketing tech stack is the importance of collaboration within the different layers of each stack—and between the human partners in strategy,creativity, communication, and engineering who bring it all to life. Kate will help hit on this collaborative human element to one of LTR’s Building Blocks sessions, where she’ll discuss how personalization can create amazing brand experiences for consumers. Plus, you can catch Kate at our LTR Speaker Sidechats, where she’ll host a roundtable discussing the importance of diversity in tech. (Click on Kate’s picture to request a seat at her Sidechat!).

On-Demand Services

Milan Thakor

Milan Thakor

Milan is the passenger engagement lead at Lyft, where he heads up the company’s customer engagement efforts—in particular, the Lyft’s cross-channel messaging outreach, which they use to boost retention, drive high app usage, re-engage lapsed users. At LTR 2017, he’ll join Myles Kleeger, Appboy’s President and CRO, to discuss the ideal marketing tech stack and how to assemble one that fits your company’s individual needs. Plus, Milan will be hosting a Speaker Sidechats on building your stack (and team) for growth. (Click on his picture to request a spot at his session).

Nonprofit & Social Good

Michaela Bethune

michaela Bethune

Michaela Bethune is Head of Campaigns at—the largest tech nonprofit focused exclusively for young people and social change. She leads the department responsible for the creation, execution and evaluation of over 275 volunteer campaigns. Michaela’s experience makes her the perfect person to discuss why and how technology has become so central to encouraging positive change. Catch Michaela at our Speaker Sidechats (you know the drill) to talk with her about engagement in the context of social good. Plus, she’ll be talking with Wallapop’s Nicolas Herrero about using lifecycle automation to build long-term relationships with users in one of LTR’s interactive Building Blocks sessions.

Tamika Mallory

Tamika Mallory

At LTR 2017, Tamika Mallory, national co-chair for the Women’s March on Washington, will join Vanity Fair’s Mike Hogan in a conversation about how technology and a strong engagement strategy mobilized over 3 million people to march in this year’s Women’s March on Washington and related marches that took place around the world. Tamika is no stranger to the collaboration between tech, strategy, and social activation, as she founded strategic planning firm Mallory Consulting, served as the executive director of the National Action Network, was a member of former Vice President Joe Biden’s task force on gun violence, and has collaborated with Amnesty International on issues related to police brutality and mass incarceration.


Craig Elimeliah

Craig Elimeliah

Craig, managing director of creative technology at VML, will join speakers from TribalScale, Prolific, and The Mobile Growth Agency to discuss how the marketing tech stack can help bring creativity, strategy, and technology together in cohesive, engaging campaigns. Craig’s expertise goes well beyond his agency’s impressive client roster—he’s revered as a trailblazer in the realm of digital creative strategy, where he’s leading thinker on the intersection of technology and creativity.

Anything Else?

Those are just a few of the many thought leaders, industry leaders, and other experts sharing their knowledge and experiences at this year’s LTR. We’re excited to have speakers from a variety of verticals and industries, notable companies like Airbnb and ABC News, plus presentations and highlights from several of our execs here at Appboy. It’s a diverse, forward-looking group, and we’re excited to see what they bring to LTR 2017: Inside the Stack. Don’t miss out on the fun— click here to register today. Plus use code RELATEMAG for a special discount especially for our Relate readers—with this code, tickets are $95, a $400 discount.

Kelsey Cottingham

Kelsey Cottingham

Kelsey is a writer and editor based in New York. When she's not writing about the latest and greatest in mobile marketing for Braze, you can find her on the hunt for some proper gumbo in NYC.

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