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Team Braze By Team Braze Mar 25, 2015

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While the flexibility and portability of smartphones and tablets have played a major role in driving ongoing mobile growth, mobile marketers haven’t had that same freedom when it comes to gathering and acting on their user and campaign data. With Appboy Open Access, we are liberating marketers from the restrictions of proprietary dashboards, allowing them to take advantage of Appboy’s Mobile Marketing Automation platform using existing technical solutions.

Appboy Open Access gives marketers ownership of their data. It breaks down barriers by providing a platform for the free exchange of information between Appboy and external systems. Along with the ability to export user profiles and segment analytics, clients have unparalleled access to cross-channel marketing campaign effectiveness metrics, allowing them to use the data that matters most wherever it’s needed. Rather than reviewing messaging and campaign data on our dashboard, customers can turn that information into custom reports and augment or build internal dashboards. With Appboy Open Access, marketers are empowered to take control of their campaign data like opens, clicks, conversions and key mobile metrics – including daily active users, revenue, custom events and more – and manage it in the way that works best for them.

The data provided by Appboy Open Access has already enabled one of our customers to build a unified portal for messaging, supported by Appboy’s user segmentation and campaign analytics. USA TODAY Sports Media Group, a premier source of mobile sports news, needed a way to send push notifications about late breaking sports news using their CMS. Working with Appboy, they built a push notification tool activated directly from WordPress and enriched with Appboy user segment data without losing any of the messaging analytics capabilities provided by Appboy’s Mobile Marketing Automation platform. By taking advantage of the data liberated by Open Access, marketers can power their user engagement strategy with the Appboy platform, while continuing to use the tools that work best for them.

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Peter McKee
Backend Engineering Lead, Appboy

Team Braze

Team Braze