Improve Interaction With Your Users With Appboy’s Install Attribution

Team Braze By Team Braze Nov 25, 2014

Install_Attribution_CoverWith Appboy’s new install attribution capabilities, our Marketing Automation for Apps platform bridges the gap between our strong “Beyond the Download” focus and the install acquisition world. Working with the likes of mobile app tracking platforms Adjust, AppsFlyer and Tune will allow our clients to not only see where users are coming from, but create segments and hone engagement methods based on specific install sources.

Unlike traditional solutions that merely give you data to analyze, Appboy makes collected data actionable by presenting results in a granular way that directly feeds back into your campaigns. Attribution information is included in the user profile, along with interests, behavior and in-app experiences. Based on that information, it’s possible to create targeted campaigns in minutes, run multivariate tests and easily analyze and act on the outcomes.

final_installattributionAccording to an October 2014 report by Fiksu, the average cost per acquired user is $2.25 (with certain app categories, like gaming, reaching $4–$5). By following the user from download origin to loyal user and paying customer, marketers can more accurately determine the true cost per user and obtain a 360-degree view of their customer base. The install attribution data not only gives mobile decision-makers a more encompassing profile that allows them to understand individual acquisition costs – it also informs engagement strategy. When used in conjunction with Appboy’s robust segmentation tools, marketers can specifically target users based on install source, continue communicating with them in an effective manner, and fine-tune and maximize their acquisition spend.

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Team Braze

Team Braze