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How to Grow the Braze Learning Way: Lessons from Estée Lauder

Team Braze By Team Braze Jan 5, 2023

Braze Learning is where you build the skills to forge meaningful relationships with your customers, strengthen your career, and validate your Braze expertise. Through e-learning and live training, Braze Learning prepares you to get certified and drive better customer engagement outcomes.

At FORGE 22, we connected with Jaclyn Getman, Director of Corporate CRM & Consumer Analytics for North America at The Estée Lauder Companies, to discuss using Braze Learning to get teams across 20 Estée Lauder brands up and running quickly. Here’s what Jaclyn had to say about how Braze Learned helped empower 99 employees with the knowledge, tools, and strategy they need to stay ahead of the market.

Personalize your learning experience to reach your business goals

Set your team up for success at any stage of your journey with Braze with our stackable, customizable learning experiences. The Braze Learning site allows you to easily navigate content by role, skill, channels, and more, so each of your team members can take the training that is most meaningful to them. Plus learn anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace, with our combination of self-paced online learning and live training formats.

Esteé Lauder leveraged Braze Learning’s robust catalog of e-learning and instructor-led trainings to craft personalized learning plans for their diverse team. These learning plans were crafted in partnership with the Braze Customer Success team to offer additional, bespoke training sessions aligned to their unique business goals.

Tailor each employee’s learning plan to stay ahead of the curve

With Braze Learning, companies can leverage training programs and domain experts that help their teams continuously educate, inspire, and challenge the status quo. At Estée Lauder, the team designated four key Braze user roles, and created a learning plan in consultation with the Braze Customer Success team that was tailored to each user role’s needs and responsibilities. With access to this personalized plan, users can continue to learn and uplevel their skills in an ongoing way.

“If you’re a super user, we outlined specific videos and training sessions that are needed to grasp the specific permissions and responsibilities that user role has,” Jaclyn explained. “That way we could ensure that a person who has the permissions to—for example—edit a segment and send a campaign has sufficient training to perform those kinds of functions successfully.”

Take Your Customer Engagement to the Next Level With Braze Learning

Mastering Braze is more than just adopting the product, it’s about driving next generation customer engagement and ensuring that you get the expertise you need to become a leader in your field. Start your journey with Braze Foundations for Everyone. This publicly available, self-paced course will give you a basic understanding of the fundamentals of Braze and consumer-centric marketing.

Additionally, you can set yourself apart with a Braze Certification, a rigorous role-based certification program that allows you to demonstrate that you have the knowledge and skills to successfully use Braze in your career.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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