Celebrating Customer Engagement Excellence: Get Real with Braze Jakarta Customer Awards 2023

Team Braze By Team Braze May 10, 2023

At Braze, helping brands make the most of their customer engagement efforts is what we do—and it's always exciting to see companies achieving exceptional results. Accordingly, we are proud to announce the winners of our inaugural Get Real with Braze Customer Awards, held in Jakarta on May 10, 2023. These awards celebrate our customers and their achievements when it comes to driving customer engagement excellence. The winners have demonstrated dedication, innovation, and a spirit of collaboration that truly embodies the best of the Braze community.

Growth Catalyst Award: Bank Jago – Pioneering the Future of User Engagement

This category recognizes customers with innovative, multichannel campaigns that drive growth by pushing marketing boundaries and demonstrating deep audience understanding.

Bank Jago was awarded the Growth Catalyst Award for their innovative "Jagoan Adventure" campaign. This mission-based onboarding strategy aimed to engage new users and convert them into transacting customers within 60 days. By leveraging multiple Canvases and personalized messaging, Bank Jago achieved a 15% increase in in-app banner engagement, an 18% conversion rate for passive users, and an impressive 40% participation rate, driving growth through user engagement and innovation.

Digital Disruptor Award: Pegipegi – Revolutionizing the Travel Industry

This category recognizes customers who have redefined what it means to be a customer-centric organization through disruptive digital strategies.

Pegipegi earned the Digital Disruptor Award for their data-driven email catalogs campaigns that challenged travel industry norms by focusing on strengthening their positioning as a budget travel provider. By leveraging user data, including recent activity and historical behavior, Pegipegi provided tailored hotel recommendations based on users' interests. Utilizing the Braze platform's catalog features, Pegipegi created three personalized campaigns: Hotel Recommendations, a Yearly Wrap Campaign, and a Waktunya Pegipegi promotional email. These innovative campaigns led to increased click rates, CTOR, traffic, and transactions, highlighting the power of data-driven marketing in disrupting the travel industry and creating memorable customer experiences.

Advocacy Guru Award: Dyah Wulandari – Inspiring Customer Engagement at tiket.com

This category honors customers who excel in customer engagement within their organizations while passionately sharing their expertise with the broader community, setting the gold standard for success.

Dyah Wulandari, VP, Performance Marketing at tiket.com, received the Advocacy Guru Award for her profound understanding of customer engagement and her commitment to user retention. Dyah has not only encouraged her team to maximize the benefits of the Braze platform but also actively participated as a speaker and panelist at various events. Dyah's infectious passion and tireless advocacy have inspired others in the community to excel in connection with customer engagement.

Advocacy Guru Award: Sonika Hotchand – Championing Automation and Personalization at MIFX

Sonika Hotchand, VP of Product at MIFX, was also honored with the Advocacy Guru Award for her dedication to customer engagement and automation. Sonika's deep understanding of customer engagement has led to impressive growth at MIFX through the creation of detailed workflows for various lifecycle stages and personas. In addition to contributing valuable insights at community events, Sonika has provided key product feedback, showcasing her commitment to the continuous improvement of customer engagement strategies.

Congrats to all winners, and thank you to everyone who attended Get Real with Braze Jakarta 2023.

To see an example of how our award winners have used Braze, check out this case study of ticket.com, where they used Braze to navigate cross-channel messaging in a COVID-19 world.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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