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Drive Stronger Engagement With New Braze Alloys Loyalty and Promotion Partners Talon.One and Voucherify

Shezeen Ali By Shezeen Ali Dec 20, 2019

Today’s consumer is living more and more of their life online. With the average American spending 10+ hours a day using smartphones, computers, and other digital devices, we’re increasingly seeing brands of all sizes prioritizing a digital connection with their customers. Why? Because that’s where their customers are most likely to engage.

That’s a challenge for many companies, especially established enterprise brands with significant brick and mortar operations and less experience with a direct-to-consumer strategy. But that challenge also represents an opportunity: Brands that are able to rethink and iterate on their promotional efforts of these new platforms and channels using today’s powerful personalization tools can see stronger business results and engage their customers more effectively than ever before.

Braze + Loyalty and Promotion Solutions: What We Make Possible

To support that effort, Braze is pleased to announce new integrations with loyalty and promotion solutions. These new partnerships with Braze Alloys technology partners Talon.One and Voucherify will help brands provide their audiences with a more seamless, personalized path to the promotional and loyalty offerings that matter most to them.

By using these integrations in concert with Braze, brands can automate the process of creating personalized promo codes and other promotional materials and then seamlessly insert them into your customer engagement campaigns. What does that look like?

More Personalized Promotional Outreach

If you want to get your audience excited about a sales, event, or other key happening related to your business, offering them a discount can be a great way to drive interest and revenue. But instead of the generic mailed coupons of yesteryear, it’s now possible to serve up individually customized promo codes to users via email, push, and other channels, giving today’s tech-savvy consumers a highly relevant and impactful experience that can make them more likely to convert.

Smarter Win-Back Campaigns

Providing a lapsing customer with an incentive to re-engage can do a lot to reframe the value of your business in their eyes. By combining custom promotions with triggered messaging campaigns nudging customers to re-engage, brands can target different discounts and messaging to different types of lapsing users and make their win-back efforts more effective.

High-Touch Loyalty Rewards Messaging

While every brand values its repeat buyers, too many fail to take proactive steps to keep them engaged. Loyalty rewards campaigns supported by smart targeting and personalized promotions can keep those relationships strong by giving those users incentives to make purchases more often, deepen their investment in your brand, and even drive them to become effective brand advocates.

How SoulCycle Leverages Braze and Voucherify to Boost Engagement and Loyalty

While the Braze integration with these promotional and loyalty solutions is still new, fitness and retail brand SoulCycle is already taking advantage of it to communicate more effectively with its customers and drive more revenue from its email program.

SoulCycle thinks of its riders and shoppers as individuals first and prioritizes customized communications leveraging the Braze platform’s advanced segmentation and support for Liquid personalization. By adding Voucherify’s support for custom promo codes to the mix, SoulCycle was able to send more compelling email campaigns that fit their message and discount amount and focus to each different segment of their audience, leading to stronger results.

Katie Hill, Email Marketing Manager at SoulCycle, noted that the integration allowed their audience of riders and shoppers to more easily access personalized offers through email, leading more of them to engage: “With Braze and Voucherify together, our open rates have been 3x higher than our averages, click-through rates have been 4x higher, and [related] revenue has been 5x higher.”

Getting Started with Braze and Loyalty Solutions

While every brand is different, companies in any vertical can learn from SoulCycle’s example and take advantage of Braze and our loyalty solutions partners to take personalized promotional messaging to the next level. Stronger results. A better customer experience. And an approach to customer engagement that’s built for today’s fast-changing consumer landscape.

Looking to get started? Check out our Braze Alloys partnership hub or dig deep into Braze documentation on Talon.One and Voucherify.

Shezeen Ali

Shezeen Ali

Shezeen is a Customer Success Manager based in NYC, working closely with digital-first brands to up-level their messaging strategy. She loves the Carolina Tar Heels, eating spicy food, and is still looking for the best biscuit in the city.

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