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CES 2019: The Rise of Brand Humanity

Peter Longofono By Peter Longofono Dec 13, 2018

Half a century on, CES has rapidly transformed from a spotlit gizmo circus into a thriving ecosystem favoring collaborative partnerships over competition. As mobile and a new generation of emerging technologies transform the business landscape, companies are clearly seeing more value in the human touch—and investing in the real-time, cross-platform data behind it.

If last year was any indication, CES 2019 will play host to an array of robots and smart assistants defined by increasingly humanlike sophistication. Recall, intuition, anticipation, and delight are quickly becoming must-have instead of nice-to-have attributes in our products. By extension, the brands producing them must incorporate these attributes into their own voices to avoid alienating the customers who’ve come to expect them. And ultimately, Marketing and Product teams must set aside their silos or risk forfeiting that singular momentum.

It’s a metamorphosis that demands a corresponding shift in our collective approach. Because as that shift does happen and this conference becomes a proving ground, one-off conversations on the tradeshow floor matter less than the capacity to drive meaningful change across all industries. Retail. Banking. Transportation. Hospitality. Entertainment. All these and more recognize a watershed moment: however we imagine the future, it must be built around authentic brand humanity.

This year, we’re proud to take the stage to address this pivotal gap. We recognize the need for robust signal/noise discrimination in an age of richer data flows. We’ve pinpointed the behavioral and functional markers driving jaw-dropping conversion boosts, purchase behavior, and loyalty—and we’re prepared to share proof.

Three Ways to Braze

Braze is uniquely positioned to share data-driven insights across multiple CES venues:

(1) CEO and Cofounder Bill Magnuson will speak on “The Resurgence of Marketing Technology” at a fireside chat and panel.

WHEN: Tuesday, January 8, 10:15–11:15 AM

WHERE: The C Space in the Aria

(2) SVP of Marketing Marissa Aydlett will moderate a Girls’ Lounge panel on bypassing burnout—part of a collaboration with The Female Quotient to drive conversations and connection between women in the workplace.

WHEN: Wednesday, January 9, 1:30–2:15 PM

WHERE: Encore Penthouse Tower Suite

(3) Building on findings we shared at the CMO Forbes Summit, Braze leadership will conduct private executive briefings on the Braze Brand Humanity Index, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Braze.

WHEN: Tuesday, January 8 through Thursday, January 10

WHERE: ARIA Penthouse Sky Suite

Anything Else?

Ready to fully humanize your brand’s messaging? Request your executive briefing today.

Want to dive deeper? Explore more resources on the Braze Brand Humanity Index in Perspectives, our new digital magazine!

Peter Longofono

Peter Longofono

Peter Longofono is a Brooklyn-based writer, editor, and musician. When he isn’t writing copy on customer engagement, brand humanity, and the Braze product suite, you can find him testing new recipes with his sister and tearing up a few Django Reinhardt songs on guitar.

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