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One (Fictional) Marketer’s Journey: Duplication is Your Friend

Ashley Christiano By Ashley Christiano Dec 1, 2020

Jenny loves a good time saving hack, and thanks you kindly for your input! She hadn’t realized that she could duplicate not just an entire campaign or Canvas, but Canvas variants and steps, too. Not having to build the same thing over and over with slight copy, audience, and delivery tweaks is truly a miracle.

And as she started to think about the power of duplication, she stumbled across another Braze feature that unlocked a scalable solution for her and Politer Weekly: Braze Teams.

As the company’s Braze Admin, Jenny realized she had the ability to create subsets of Dashboard users into Teams that had varying user roles and permissions. These Teams could be set up across customer base location, language, and custom attributes, giving members and non-members different access to messaging features and customer data. She literally gasped out loud (scaring her cat, tbh) when she realized Team filters could be assigned across various engagement tools to provide teams access and filtering end-users based on assigned team definitions.

After a quick cup of coffee to get her brain moving, she created an entire Team and tags system that would let her give very specific access to Braze to different editorial and marketing team members. All they’d have to do is duplicate a template campaign or Canvas, put in the right copy, deep links, and delivery time, and then hand it off to Jenny for approvals and deployment! So the Features crew could access the “Features Template” and the Health & Wellness desk could access their own template tied to the right audience. They’d all have their own lanes that all pointed back to Jenny, saving her time without sacrificing any quality control.

All that was left to do was to get them trained up, but that could wait for next week. Jenny still had to deal with this new app version first...

Ashley Christiano

Ashley Christiano

Ashley Christiano is a Product Marketing Manager at Braze’s NYC headquarters. When she’s not knee-deep in Canvas content, she’s probably sorting her books by color, writing horoscopes, or hanging out with her cat Gracie and dog Louise.

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