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Braze Receives EcoVadis 2021 Silver Sustainability Medal

Team Braze By Team Braze Jul 8, 2021

Here at Braze, our product and our organization have been built with the goal of continuously expanding what’s possible when it comes to customer engagement—and the people who make this vision a reality are our employees.

As a growing global brand made up of more than 700 employees located all around the world, our success is built on a consistent record of bringing together exceptional, passionate professionals and giving them what they need to grow and push the boundaries of what’s possible. At the core of that effort is an understanding that we’re all human, something that’s reflected in the values we prioritize at Braze, from inviting everyone to take a seat at the table to embracing curiosity. That's why today we're pleased to announce that we've received a silver medal from EcoVadis, provider of the leading solution for monitoring sustainability in global supply chains, in recognition of our sustainability practices.

As part of its independent, third-party assessments, EcoVadis rates and benchmarks organizations' sustainability performance on a scale of 0 to 100 across four key areas: The environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement, while also highlighting key strengths and any areas for improvement. To ensure reliable third-party sustainability assessments, EcoVadis's methodology is based on international sustainability standards and supervised by a scientific committee of sustainability and supply chain experts.

Ranking in the 72nd percentile with an overall score of 54 in this year’s assessment, Braze stood out for achieving a 70 in the ethics category and a 60 in the area of labor and human rights.

Underscoring What We Stand for

Sustainability—both environmental and socio-economical—has been an important priority for Braze as we continue to grow and scale our business. By foregrounding sustainability in our activities, Braze reminds our teams what we stand for as an organization and showcases our dedication to our employees and customers over the long haul.

Some of the ethics-related policies we've introduced to foster our growth include:

  • Creating awareness trainings for our employees focused on pressing information security issues

  • Implementing measures to support consultation with customers about their personal and confidential data practices

  • Putting forth a comprehensive policy on business ethics issues, integrating operational objectives to almost all of the main fair business practices.

Join Braze and Help Us Take Sustainability Further

We're grateful to have received the EcoVadis Silver Sustainability Medal and are hard at work continuing to strengthen all aspects of our business to build upon this recognition.

If you're interested in joining our fast-growing company and helping us move our sustainability practices forward, please head to our careers page to learn more about our job openings. We're currently hiring and welcoming new members to the team.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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