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Master the Customer Engagement Feedback Loop with Braze and Mixpanel

Jennie Park By Jennie Park Sep 4, 2018

Today’s marketing, growth, and engagement teams are operating in a world built on data.

The rise of mobile and consumers’ always-on use of their smartphones has made it possible for brands to gather more data on their customers’ preferences and behavior than ever before. But all that information can’t help brands move the needle when it comes to customer engagement if they don’t have the ability to take action on it in a timely manner.

To help make it easier for brands to leverage the data at their disposal to produce better outcomes and drive real customer value, Braze is pleased to announce our new partnership with leading user analytics platform Mixpanel.

“By partnering with Braze, we’re making it possible for marketers to more effectively segment their users, target campaigns, and engage with their audience,” says Justin Lau, Head of Partnerships at Mixpanel. “With this integration, teams automatically send campaign results to Mixpanel with Braze’s data streaming tool. The results are significant for data-driven marketers aiming to improve customer engagement. Now they can discover insights about sent campaigns, as well as see the downstream effects those campaigns have on users’ conversion and retention rates, along with product usage.”

Braze + Mixpanel: What We Make Possible

This new partnership between Mixpanel and Braze will help brands bridge the separations between their internal teams and simplify the process of moving campaign information from the Braze customer engagement platform and into Mixpanel’s user analytics solution. That real-time data flow allows brands to:

Power In-The-Moment Message Targeting

By combining Mixpanel’s cohorts with the Braze platforms support for personalized messaging across push notifications, email, and other key channels, it’s easy to reach your audience with responsive, hyper-personalized outreach that speaks to them as individuals. Want to create a cohort identifying users who are particularly likely to convert, then reach them effectively across channels with a promotional campaign? The world’s your oyster.

Enrich Cross-Device Outreach

Exceed your mobile KPIs with the messaging capabilities built into the Braze Customer engagement suite—then get even more value by leveraging Mixpanel’s best-in-class user analytics to support and optimize every campaign decision. The better you understand each customer as an individual, the more effectively you can take action based on that understanding to provide the kinds of personalized, highly-relevant communications that drive in-app engagement, purchases and other conversions, and long-term retention.

Build a Powerful Customer Engagement Feedback Loop

Use Mixpanel to gain deep insights into your target cohorts, before and after the campaigns you send have wrapped, then leverage that knowledge with Braze to support smarter, more effective marketing decisions going forward. Your audience never stops changing—make sure you have the tools you need to keep up.

Anything Else?

To learn more about this powerful new integration, visit Braze Academy, or reach out using the Braze contact page.

Jennie Park

Jennie Park

Jennie Park is a Product Marketing Manager at Braze. When she’s not at Braze HQ, you can find JP in the ceramics studio, zipping around Brooklyn on her souped up road bike, or playing frisbee in the park with her pup, Tali.

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