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Braze Learning Supports Laid-Off Community With Free Certifications

Inayah Lakhani By Inayah Lakhani Mar 13, 2023

Today, Braze Learning is excited to announce the launch of a support program to provide free certification exams to those that have been impacted by lay-offs and reductions in the tech sector.

In the latter half of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, US-based tech companies have laid off more than 200,000 workers. As a way to support those who have been impacted by layoffs and reductions, Braze will be providing a supportive upskilling program in which these impacted individuals may qualify for free or reduced certification exams.

Braze Certification has pledged to provide 1,000 free certification exams.

More About Braze Certification

Braze Certification is a competitive, industry-recognized certification program that has nearly 1,500 certified professionals across the world. The program offers five exams ranging from dashboard and front-end user exams to technical developer exams. Our test-takers have noticed an increase in confidence, recognition, and opportunities from being Braze Certified.

One of our certified professionals noted that “certification has also helped [him] gain credibility in the marketplace,” while another said about his team that “the certifications help our clients feel assured that we are experts at what we do and help us close deals faster.”

The Level 1 Exam, the Braze Certified Practitioner, provides a foundational lens into the suite of exams and allows an individual to show foundational knowledge in the platform. In order to prepare for this exam, we encourage you to complete the FREE Foundations for Everyone learning pathway, which should prepare you with introductory information on how to use Braze.

Becoming Braze Certified also grants you access to a community of Braze Certified Professionals via our private LinkedIn group.

How to Apply

Fill out this short form that includes uploading proof of termination. Our team will be in touch within 2 business days with a follow-up email. If approved, you will receive information on how to prepare and register for your Braze Certification Exam.


  • Timeline: This is a short-term program that will end on April 30, 2023 OR once the registration of exams reaches 1,000 exams.

  • The program will be global in reach.

  • The promotion is only valid for our level 1 Practitioner Exam. If individuals are interested in our Level 2, 3 or 4 exams, they can qualify for a 50% off of the exam cost.

  • Qualification: Individuals must provide verification of their termination/layoff from a company in the last 8 months (July 2022-January 2023) and by doing so, the individual confirms that they are not currently employed.

  • Promotional codes may not be shared with others. If an individual is found sharing codes with others, their exam(s) may be canceled and their account may be blocked.

  • Promotional codes are valid for one (1) exam only. Test takers may not re-take exam if they do not pass.

  • Codes expire on 4/31/23. Exams must be scheduled (not completed) by this date. Extensions will not be granted.

  • Proof of Layoff/Termination: Any written documentation (e.g., official company letter, notice, email, etc.) you can lawfully share with Braze which reliably verifies your: (I) current employment status; and (II) effective date of Termination/Lay-Off. DO NOT send confidential, sensitive, or otherwise restricted information to Braze as part of your submission. Please ensure all confidential, sensitive, or otherwise restricted information included on (or in) your written documentation is redacted/removed prior to submission.

Inayah Lakhani

Inayah Lakhani

Inayah Lakhani is the Manager of the Certification Program at Braze, where she works with the Braze Learning team to create impactful learning experiences for partners and customers. She’s often found thinking about certifications, coffee and cats- and of course, her next alliteration.

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