Connected Content From Braze (Formerly Appboy) Takes Personalization To The Next Level

Team Braze By Team Braze Apr 22, 2015

Connected_Content_Blog_UpdateWith Appboy personalization, we made it possible for marketers to leverage the wealth of information contained in Appboy’s rich user profiles to customize powerful multi-channel campaigns. Now, we’re pleased to announce Appboy Connected Content, an innovative new feature that expands our efforts within marketing personalization to boost customer engagement and conversions.

Appboy Connected Content allows marketers to automatically insert a wide array of information – everything from up-to-the-minute sports scores and nearby movie showtimes to weather advice and customized product recommendations – directly into the messages they send users.

Updated_ConnectedContent_Image3By melding the flexibility of our Appboy Open Access efforts with the increased opportunities to tailor your messaging via Connected Content, marketers will be able to effortlessly encourage desired behavior and increase conversions. For instance, if a user begins to make a purchase but doesn’t finish, you can use Appboy’s Action-Based Delivery and Connected Content to send an email or push notification with a coupon code generated specifically for the abandoned product.

For marketers who store significant user information on their own servers, whether for financial or security reasons, Appboy Connected Content also makes it possible to draw on those in-house sources to power your mobile outreach. This new feature lets marketers insert dynamic content held on proprietary servers directly into push notifications, emails and in-app messages sent using Appboy, all without making the information accessible to others.

Powerful, intuitive personalization capabilities are intrinsically tied to the future of mobile marketing. And with Connected Content, you can significantly expand your ability to bolster engagement, drive conversions and build close relationships with your user base on an individual level.


Jon Hyman
Appboy Co-Founder and CIO

Team Braze

Team Braze