Appboy Opens Public Beta, Announces New Funding

Team Braze By Team Braze Mar 28, 2012

Some of you might have noticed our name up in lights on TechCrunch yesterday announcing our latest round of funding and the official opening of our public beta test. This means that any interested app developers can register for an Appboy account through our open sign up and be up and running in minutes.

For those readers who aren’t familiar with what lurks behind this blog, Appboy is creating a fully integrated management platform for mobile app developers and their apps. The platform consists of a user-facing mobile SDK and an online dashboard for developers. The SDK lives inside host applications, engaging users and enabling developers to provide rich CRM tools, encourage social sharing of their app, run social campaigns and cross-promote their apps. With the online dashboard, developers have the ability to share news and alerts with their users, inspect analytics, manage their social media presence, and receive and reply to feedback directly from end users.

Recognizing the importance of data-driven decision making, each of our dashboard features is augmented with both internally collected analytics and data from third-party providers such as Klout, Facebook and Twitter. With our data heavy approach, we’re arming developers with the tools they need to meaningfully engage and expand their user base.

As a developer, every time a user interacts with your company, we want you to know exactly how valuable that customer is to you. When users submit feedback, participate in promotions or post to an app’s Facebook wall, the dashboard automatically includes information about their usage statistics, sharing history and information from external parties about their interests and social influence.

Over the next few months, expect to see Appboy popping up on iPads and Android devices as well as building out advanced CRM and analytics features throughout the dashboard.

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Team Braze

Team Braze