Announcing Our Latest Feature – Multivariate Testing!

Team Braze By Team Braze Jul 10, 2014

multivariate-test-02Last week we teased that we were debuting an incredible new feature at MobileBeat’s Innovation Showdown, and the time has come for the grand reveal. After winning at the event, we’re quite confident that you’ll agree it’s a pretty exciting development.

Yesterday afternoon Appboy Co-Founder and CTO Bill Magnuson presented our version of Multivariate Testing, which will give mobile marketers the unparalleled ability to test and choose the most effective messaging possible when it comes to push notifications, email and in-app messaging.

We are the first Marketing Automation for Apps platform that offers the ability to test six variants across numerous multi-messaging channels, with the power to experiment with headlines and copy, as well as the content of those messages (images, colors, buttons etc.). When used in correlation with our robust segmentation, by allowing marketers to enter many values into the multivariate test and then picking the best combination to move forward with based on the result, Appboy’s version of Multivariate Testing will let marketers quickly identify and automate the most powerful message possible across various channels.

Two versions of a push notification for the same offer may have a 50% difference in response rate. App marketers want to know these things, and in fact are required to know these things to compete with the best apps out there. Our new feature empowers them to test combinations of messaging for their app and measure the impact of each on metrics like conversion rate, click-through rate and the revenue generated.

In order to find out more about Multivariate Testing and its impact, check up the write-up over at VentureBeat.

Team Braze

Team Braze