Multivariate Testing Is LIVE; Now You Can Be FEARLESS

Team Braze By Team Braze Jul 22, 2014


How much is confidence worth? When it comes to mobile marketing, I say a lot.

When a mobile marketer sends out a campaign, whether by push notification, email or in-app message, they have to be supremely confident that every communication will work.

It’s go big, or be sent packing (by your users).

Multivariate Testing is the supreme confidence builder, and now it is ready for use by enterprise Appboy customers.

Our engineering team put a massive effort into this launch, and I know we have built something that’s going to get traction for all mobile marketers. This confidence was shared by the audience and judges at the MobileBeat conference, where our Multivariate Testing solution won the Innovation Showdown. This validation was the capstone – a great reward for all the hard work – but also proof that marketers want and need it!

For the mobile marketer, intuition and creativity count, but ultimately metrics matter. With our highly sophisticated version of Multivariate Testing, we’ve moved the ball forward and leveled the playing field.

How do we know this will work?

For any marketing campaigns to succeed, there must be a perfect blend of incentive, content and design. To achieve this, you have to repeatedly test elements of your communication to discover what’s most effective. Response rates for different versions of a message for the same offer can differ wildly.

We wouldn’t send something blindly to our customers without trying it out first, and neither should you. I am proud that we are the first Marketing Automaton for Apps platform that allows marketers and developers to test six variants across multiple channels – in-app messaging, push notifications and email.

Paired with our dynamic user segmentation, enterprise clients can now test combinations of headlines, copy, content and design to determine the most effective message variation that will produce wins on specific metrics like conversion rate, click-through rate and revenue generated.

This is the next level of mobile marketing, and with it, you’re more likely than ever to keep your customers around and engaged.

We already won big with this feature, and now I want it to be your turn. Go ahead and use it – and be fearless.

Team Braze

Team Braze