NASCAR Boosted Engagement With Web Push Notifications

NASCAR cars can reach up to 200 mph—and fans consume content even quicker than that. Check out how achieved web push open rates up to 13.5%.


Web Push Open Rate

For over 70 years, NASCAR racing has been one of the most popular sports in the world. Almost three million people watch each race, with events broadcasted in over 186 countries in 21 different languages. Beyond the tournaments, fans actively engage with, enjoying live coverage, news, results, standings, schedules, and driver stats.

To direct even more users to their web content, NASCAR began leveraging Braze to create compelling web messaging campaigns.

Putting the Pedal to the Metal with Web Push

In order to create another entry point to their site, NASCAR decided to utilize web push notifications as part of their customer engagement strategy. They knew many of their most tech savvy consumers—the ones with web push enabled—spent much of the day with their browsers open, but not necessarily pointed to The result? Users often missed out on premier content and breaking news.

NASCAR’s main objective was to create a more valuable experience with real-time communications. Use cases include:

  • Driving users to tune in to press conferences
  • Promoting race recaps
  • Showcasing analysis on Mondays after the race weekend
  • Highlighting sneak previews on upcoming races
  • Tracking action on the weekends

Plus, NASCAR uses web push notifications to drive cross-channel acquisition and engagement by sending messages that encourage users to download their mobile app, potentially opening up new outreach possibilities.

"The way I look at it, web push is one of a handful of new frontiers digital marketing will hone in on in the upcoming decade, as users become more and more adjusted to getting push alerts across all of their devices,” said Pat DeCola, Manager, Digital Editorial at NASCAR Digital Media. “We've gotten in the habit of ramping up our web push efforts over the past year and we're confident it's a method of communication that will consistently improve and pay dividends, all the while creating an easy entry point to for our passionate fanbase."

NASCAR Results: Higher Click-Through Rates and App Downloads

Web push notifications ensure NASCAR can drive engagement and hit performance metrics. The company sets benchmarks for each piece of content they publish—and they’ve found that when they send a web push notification driving web visitors to that content, they almost always accomplish that goal.

Using timely messages driving to rich content, NASCAR was able to achieve a 13.5% web push notification open rate for content campaigns and 9.6% open rate for app download campaigns.

Final Thoughts

In just a few minutes, NASCAR can easily set up a web push notification that boosts engagement and page views for their high-quality web content. By catering to web visitors with this unique channel, the sports association can expand their audience, drive stronger engagement, and stay relevant in the evolving digital landscape.

For more on how exactly to implement web push notifications for your brand, learn more about Braze today.


Web Push Open Rate