What is AppsFlyer?

AppsFlyer is a mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform that helps you analyze and optimize your apps through marketing analytics, mobile attribution, and deep linking.

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How we work together

Build more holistic marketing campaigns by leveraging mobile install attribution data from AppsFlyer. With AppsFlyer and Braze, you can pass install attribution data to Braze to better understand how to optimize your campaigns.

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What you can do

Uplevel the customer journey

Use AppsFlyer and Braze to send voucher codes to users who have converted from a specific ad campaign. What’s more, leverage in-app messages to complete the customer journey.

Reinforce your messaging strategy

Understand user behavior to reinforce your messaging strategy. Through AppsFlyer’s media source data, users will fall into different Canvas campaigns based on their initial source.

Create more seamless customer experiences

Create a seamless, cohesive customer experience through a multichannel messaging strategy that weaves together a variety of messaging types - from push notifications to email.

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