GOGOX Used a Cross-Channel Approach to Increase Their Customer Base While Decreasing Cost Per Install by 63%

App-based logistics platform GOGOX wanted to build out a referral program to help unlock opportunities for brand advocacy within the marketing funnel. With Braze, they decreased cost per install by up to 63% while increasing retention rate two-fold.

Efficiency is the name of the game for APAC-based last-mile delivery app GOGOX (formerly GOGOVAN). Before the company was founded, booking a van for hire to move freight or goods in Hong Kong could take up to 30 minutes, slowing down work and inconveniencing customers. Sensing an opportunity, GOGOX was able to reduce that time to 10-15 seconds by connecting customers directly with drivers.

That clear value and focus on speed has led millions of individuals and business users to download GOGOX since its launch in 2013. The popularity of their service in Hong Kong also allowed GOGOX to expand into other markets, including China, India, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam.

GOGOX’s commitment to efficiency extends to how it built its customer base. When they found that nearly half of new users surveyed said they’d learned about GOGOX via word-of-mouth, they decided to build out a referral program. To set it up quickly and efficiently, they turned to Braze.

Getting Unique Links From Here to There

At the time, GOGOX was primarily using Braze as a messaging tool to feed in-app messaging (IAM) to its user base. To set up the referral program, they expanded across multiple messaging channels, incorporating email, push notifications, and Braze News Feed with the already-in-use IAM. This true cross-channel approach allowed GOGOX to reach their customers with messaging about the new program no matter where a customer was more likely to engage.

Additionally, GOGOX included CTAs that would automatically create a prefilled, customized WhatsApp message where users could share their unique links with their friends and family. The links were created using the Braze Promotion Codes feature and sent via a webhook as one of the custom attributes on relevant customer profiles.

What’s more, the integration of AppsFlyer, a mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform, into their tech stack meant that GOGOX could track installs initiated through the referral campaign and the media source that drove it. This allowed them to optimize both the content and the channel structure of the campaign for maximum reach and penetration. Thanks to AppsFlyer, GOGOX was able to keep track of who referred who, and whose referrals resulted in successful installs.

GOGOX’s Referral Program Drives Down Acquisition Costs

With Braze and AppsFlyer, GOGOX was able to roll out a dynamic, cross-channel, measurable referral campaign without the kind of custom development that would decrease efficiency. The company calculated the amount it cost to acquire a new user compared through a KPI they called Cost Per Install (CPI), and saw a significant difference in the CPI of their referral program compared to paid marketing.

In Singapore, CPI was reduced by 21%, while Vietnam saw a dramatic 63% reduction in CPI. What’s more, referrals doubled their average retention rate, meaning that not only was the campaign attracting new users, but that these new users were high-quality and more likely to stick around and contribute positively to the bottom line. In Hong Kong, where the goal was not installs, each referrer successfully recommended three new users on average.

"GOGOX launched a seamless referral experience for frequent delivery and transport customers to refer their friends through WhatsApp and email,” said Emily Poon, Director of Growth Marketing, GOGOX. “Through these innovative and personalised Braze campaigns, GOGOX gained new last-mile delivery customers with 20% to 60% lower cost of acquisition in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Vietnam."

Final Thoughts

Acquiring new users is a key part of any brand’s growth, but it can often be an expensive, labor-intensive proposition. Thanks to the suite of tools brought to bear by Braze, GOGOX developed a cross-channel means to expand its install base with help from their existing high-quality customers.

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