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No matter where you are in your customer engagement journey, Braze can take you where you want to be. We put all your data, all your channels, and all the power of AI on one platform, so you can put your most engaging customer experiences out into the world. Here’s how we help you do it.

Made to Scale with Companies of All Sizes

From data activation and cross-channel journey orchestration, to AI-assisted creation and experimentation, this is how Braze works:

Data Activation

Collect, unify, and activate any amount of data from anywhere.

100+ turnkey partner integrations

Get up and running fast with pre-built connectors to the tools in your tech stack.

Customizable integrations

Connect Braze to your digital properties, data warehouse, backend systems, and other software with lightweight SDKs, modern APIs, cloud data ingestion, and data transformation.

Comprehensive user profiles

Build a solid first-party data foundation grounded in historical and real-time customer preferences and behaviors.

Predictions with Sage AI by Braze

Identify and target customers based on their propensity to purchase, churn, or perform any other high-value action.

Data Activation

Journey Orchestration

Put your customers on a faster path to your products and services.

Flexible segmentation

Tap into 100+ out-of-the-box filters or use a flexible SQL composer to reach the right audience.

Real-time triggers

Build highly responsive experiences that immediately react to customer actions.

Intuitive journey building

Send users down the next best path or experience with drag-and-drop components for branching, delays, audience syncs, and messaging.

Personalization with Sage AI by Braze

Personalize entire journeys, paths, or messages based on individual behaviors and preferences.

Journey Orchestration

Testing & Experimentation

Eliminate the guesswork. Find winning strategies.

Creative experimentation

A/B/n test copy, creative, timing, channel mix, promotions, and more with a flexible experimentation engine.

Accessible testing

Experiment, optimize, and adapt with a single toggle.

Optimization with Sage AI by Braze

Find winning variants and automatically shift customers to the journey, path, or message that’s most likely to convert.


Sage AI by Braze

A brilliant customer engagement advisor, right at your fingertips.

AI Recommendations

Drive better outcomes by highlighting personalized items based on each customer's behavior and purchase history.

Intelligent delivery

Reach customers on the channel and at the time they’re most likely to engage based on past engagement.

Sage AI by Braze

Cross-Channel Messaging

Create consistent and cohesive conversations across multiple channels on a single platform.

Channel breadth and depth

Design, launch, and connect on every channel—email, mobile app, SMS, WhatsApp, web, paid media, and more.

Dynamic content personalization

Easily embed dynamic products, content, promotions, and more into cross-channel messages.

Content creation with Sage AI by Braze

Kickstart the copywriting, image generation, and content QA process with a trusted AI advisor.

Cross-Channel Messaging

Reporting & Analytics

Measure, monitor, and prove your impact.

Custom reports and dashboards

Visualize engagement across channels, track key business metrics, and report with confidence.

Impact reporting

Show how your customer engagement efforts drove incremental conversions using global holdout groups.

Insights with Sage AI by Braze

Use generative AI to build SQL reports and unlock granular insights from plain text prompts.

Reporting & Analytics

Braze lives up to its “Start Anywhere, Go Everywhere” product vision via innovative products and expert services to help its clients build human connections with their customers, regardless of size or technical competence. Its superior innovation roadmap reflects these concepts by balancing investments across ease of use, platform depth, and workflow flexibility.”

Forrester Wave™ Cross-Channel Marketing Hubs, Q1 2023

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The flexibility of Braze’s features allowed us to design every second of the user experience, building our brand philosophy into the campaign without sacrificing flexibility or scalability.

Miguel Semprun


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