Learn what the experts from this panel had to say about what’s possible in personalization at this year’s Long Term Relationships (LTR) conference, featuring: Stephanie Loring, Manager of CRM Operations and Insights at Grubhub, Lizzie Landis, Marketing Manager at Ibotta, Maggie Breeden, Product Manager at Grindr, Paul Goldshteyn, Senior Product Manager, Mobile at Glassdoor, and Sharon Harris, VP, Alliance Relationships - Google Marketing Platform at Deloitte Digital.

No matter how creative or crucial a given email or push notification is, it’s meaningless if it’s not applicable to the customer opening it. This year’s Long-Term Relationships (LTR) conference—held on October 29-30, 2019, in New York City—explored how to use the power of personalization to craft thoughtful, relevant communication and drive customer engagement through targeted messaging. Leaders from GrubHub, Ibotta, Glassdoor, and Grindr came together onstage to share how their organizations combine empathy with data to build a one-to-one connection

What we’ll cover in this session:

  • How to use real-time data to offer valuable content like product recommendations
  • Balancing deep personalization and customer privacy with an eye toward creating trust
  • Using data to curate a better customer experience

Leveraging Data to Drive Smarter, More Valuable Customer Experiences

At this year’s LTR, thought leaders Maggie Breeden, Product Manager at Grindr, Paul Goldshteyn, Senior Product Manager at Glassdoor, Lizzie Landis, Marketing Manager at Ibotta, and Stephanie Loring, Manager of CRM Operations & Insights at Grubhub came together on a panel to discuss the ins and out data-driven marketing. Whether it’s a recommendation for a new restaurant or an alert for a coveted opening at a company you’ve longed to join, leading brands are aware that 83% of consumers say they want brands to treat them like individuals. This means personalization is no longer a brand differentiator, but a marketing essential.

Luckily, marketers have access to more consumer data than ever before—and more data equals more opportunity. As customers wade through the onslaught of emails, push notifications, and ads, they’re losing patience with irrelevant content. And not only do generic messages not connect with customers, they risk alienating them, too. When data is combined with a thoughtful personalization strategy and the right technology, brands empower themselves to create the user journeys that put the customer experience front and center.

The Path to Personalization

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