In the new COVID-19 world, times are tough across the board. We all know friends, families, and colleagues who have been directly affected, especially by the swift and surprising turn in the economy. We hope everyone is safe and healthy, and are humbled that Braze is in the fortunate position to continue hiring.

As I’m writing this blog post, we have 82 open roles across three continents, and we will be adding new roles in the coming weeks. Here’s how we’ve updated our recruiting process to accommodate current conditions:

Remote Interviews

Across our five offices, Braze interviews are now conducted via remote conferencing services. We already use remote brainstorming and collaboration tools for certain roles during the interview process, and will continue to do so.

Remote Onboarding

We’ve always used a robust learning management system (LMS) for onboarding, which has prepared us well for remote onboarding. Outside of in-person sessions, all Braze onboarding has remained the same. Our LMS content combined with how cross-functionally we work as an organization has allowed us to make this change as seamless as possible. It’s truly a testament to the team and also all hiring managers.

WFH Office Equipment

We are uncertain how long we will be working from home. All equipment is now shipped directly to new employees. And in an effort to make everyone comfortable and improve productivity, employees can request additional equipment that we will ship directly to one’s home.

We will continue to improve the interview and onboarding experience. If you’re interested in joining Braze, please take a look at current openings.