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What is Sageflo?

Sageflo has three tools: Distributed Marketing (Radiate), Archiver, and Coupons.

Radiate allows downstream staff to send simple emails/SMS off the Braze platform without having to learn the Braze platform. It is ideal for franchisees, branches, and brands.

Archiver allows the review of emails/SMS by authorized personnel in a simple environment and is ideal for call centers, marketing audits, and legal compliance lookups. Clients use Archiver to empower their call center teams to look up and resend the email in real-time to better resolve FCR (First Call Resolution). Clients who utilize Archiver save hundreds of thousands to over a million dollars in people-hour savings.

Coupons is a simple and easy way to send single-use coupons via email and mobile campaigns. It acts as a bridge between a client’s ecommerce platform and Braze to automate the upload, allocation, and distribution of single-use coupons while tracking usage and more. All in a user-friendly web interface with enterprise-level capabilities. Our common client Shutterstock utilizes Coupons

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How we work together

Our Distributed Marketing tool (Radiate) empowers distributed teams to easily send email/SMS using marketing-approved templates, images, and audience segments through API integrations with Braze. Radiate was designed for non-sophisticated managers with no background or interest in marketing but recognize that sending emails/SMS can drive additional revenue and highlight activities with which a location has aligned itself. Think of a QSR promoting the local football team’s win or alerting the community that they are participating in an adopt-a-pet event. These emails/SMS cumulatively add significantly to CPM volume and generate over a million dollars a year in new sales for our existing clients.

Archiver helps solve issues such as:

• Helps marketing and ops teams identify gaps in messaging strategy, leading to new revenue streams

• Empowers the contact center to quickly address messaging-related customer inquiries, eliminating long back-and-forth times with marketing and ops teams

• Generates hundreds of thousands per year in productivity gains across care and marketing teams

• Dramatically improves First Call Resolution & general call outcomes, leading to higher CSAT/NPS, increased loyalty, and greater customer lifetime value

• Allows Legal and Compliance to quickly lookup individual, or a cross-section of persona-based, communications

Coupons is a simple and easy way to include single-use coupons in email and mobile campaigns sent from Braze. Individual coupons are allocated during send time from Braze via a web-hook call to our service.

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