How Styli Increased ROI by 50% While Reducing Campaign Creation Time With Braze Catalogs
50% Increase in ROI


Styli wanted to drive stronger long-term value and deeper customer relationships by providing users with more relevant, personalized experiences that didn’t require increased support from technical teams.


Styli leveraged Braze to expand its channel mix (leveraging in-app messages, Content Cards, and WhatsApp), provide customers with more frequent, relevant campaigns enriched with Braze Catalogs, and automate more of its customer engagement program in scalable ways.


Styli drove a 50% boost in average ROI, a 15% rise in user activation, and a 21% increase in sign-ups—all while reducing campaign creation time by 40%

eCommerce platform Styli launched in 2019, making a splash in the fashion markets in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The brand has since expanded to other countries in the region and is steadily gaining market share among young, mobile-forward customers looking to stay on trend without compromising quality.

To better serve shoppers across the entire lifecycle, Styli has made a point of focusing on three main stages when it comes to customer engagement: New customer activation, user engagement, and customer retention. At all three of these stages, they’ve worked to create more relevant, personalized messaging in order to drive more sessions, higher engagement, and increased sales. Let’s take a look at how they use Braze to boost their results and provide better, more personalized user experiences.

Channels Utilized

Powerful Segmentation That Drives ROI

The team at Styli recognized they had access to so much valuable data, and wanted to better use this information to create more engaging marketing programs and to drive better outcomes when connecting with their audience. In order to better segment and target their customers based on country, gender, language, platform, operating system, user behavior, and other factors, Styli determined that it needed a customer engagement platform that was capable of enhancing their personalization efforts while reducing the time and effort associated with creating each campaign.

That’s where Braze came in. By leveraging Braze Catalogs, a tool that allows brands to harness data from their own product, services, or data catalog to personalize their customer experiences and campaigns, Styli was able to simplify the process of customizing their messaging and DRIVE more relevant communication. They also took advantage of Braze Canvas Flow’s support for seamless messaging across channels to deploy a well-rounded, cross-channel messaging strategy that took advantage of WhatsApp, in-app messages, and Content Cards.

Here’s how they did it:

  1. Styli created CSV files that included all relevant variables (e.g. offer callout, discounting, code, expiry, media URL, in-app URL, Content Card URL, etc.) as part of their cross-channel campaign, allowing them to support relevant experiences. Because the list contained unique IDs based on the country, gender, and user language preferences of each user, they were able to use the data to power personalized messaging for all recipients.

  2. Using Braze Canvas Flow, the Braze platform’s customer journey tool, they were able to build out user messaging flows that contained preferable messaging channels and audience settings, supporting a more thoughtful, cohesive user experience.

  3. Styli used the Braze platform’s support for nuanced audience segmentation and Braze Catalogs to dynamically personalize each message based on that campaign’s targeted micro-segments, with the goal of using outreach to build deeper relationships with their customers.

Previously, Styli had sent campaigns in one channel at a time. By expanding their channel mix and incorporating follow-up messages in new channels (for instance, reminders for a cashback program that leverages push and SMS and supplements those channels with in-app messages and Content Cards when the app is opened), they’ve been able to create more cohesive messaging experiences that drive stronger overall results in less time than before.

“The Braze platform’s segmentation and targeting capabilities, combined with its catalog’s personalization feature, is a powerhouse for campaign and Canvas automation.”

Anand Bhagwani
Sr. CRM Specialist (Revenue & Growth), Styli

Styli Results: More Profit, Less Legwork

By leveraging the Braze platform and its support for messaging across channels and rich personalization, Styli was able to boost ROI by an average of 50%, lift user activation, by 15%, and increase sign-ups by 21%—all while cutting the time needed to build out campaigns by 40%. For WhatsApp messages, the impact was even greater: While it had previously taken 10-15 minutes to build a WhatsApp message, Styli can now create the equivalent messages within Braze Canvas in 5-6 minutes.

50% Increase in ROI
21% Increase in sign-ups
40% Reduction in campaign creation time

Key Takeaways

  1. Highly personalized, segmented campaigns are the key to effective customer engagement in 2023. When done correctly, it demonstrates to users that you know their tastes, and how they want to be communicated with, which translates to deeper customer engagement and increased ROI.

  2. If you’re not maximizing the potential for automation, you’re wasting resources. Look to automate tasks and processes where you can to free up your team’s brain power and energy for more strategic tasks that will upsell your marketing and drive stronger results.