Snoonu Increased Revenue by 40% with a Gamified In-App Message Strategy


Product Feature:

40% Increase in revenue


Snoonu, Qatar’s fastest food delivery and online shopping marketplace, was looking for ways to increase customer engagement during the slow season.


By leveraging Braze and Braze Alloys tech partner Amplitude, Snoonu launched a gamified in-app experience that incentivized users to order more, more frequently. It also generated valuable behavioral data Snoonu could use in future campaigns.


With this gamified campaign, Snoonu was able to drive a 30% increase in orders per user, resulting in an over 40% increase in revenue.

Founded in 2019, Snoonu is the fastest-growing technology company for shopping and deliver services in Qatar. A one-stop solution for daily needs, Snoonu allows customers to order and get products delivered any product anywhere they wish in Qatar.

With a mission to help customers find what they need and deliver it wherever they are, customer engagement is at the heart of Snoonu’s success. It’s important for the team to understand how Snoonu fits into their customer’s routines, and effectively message around the value it brings to their lives. To do this, the Snoonu team needs to have tools with the flexibility they need to better adapt to their customers, iterate on in-progress strategies, and drive business growth. Enter Braze.

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Why Snoonu Switched to Braze

Finding the right customer engagement solution was a mix of experimentation and evaluation. Before Braze, Snoonu was relying on a platform with limited capabilities that were unsuitable for the company’s fast growth. After evaluating several other platforms, Snoonu chose Braze for the quality and flexibility they could not find in other alternatives. They were also able to avoid many headaches and extra stress on their tech teams during implementation, which saved them time and energy right away. They also chose Braze for its expansive partner ecosystem. Snoonu uses on Braze Alloys tech partner Amplitude, their product analytics hub, to create behavioral cohorts and sync them directly to Braze.

Once the migration was finished, they were able to start evolving their customer engagement strategy. This included executing a deeper level of personalization in all of their communications by using Liquid, custom attributes, and other features in Braze. They were able to set up several strategic automated campaigns along the customer lifecycle using Braze Canvas Flow, our visual development environment which marketers can use as a no-code journey orchestration tool. These automated campaigns have already saved the team thousands of hours on top of driving impactful results. Additionally, most every campaign they build in Braze—whether it uses email, push notifications, in-app messages, or SMS—has a cohort routing from Amplitude data. This offers them ample flexibility in the granularity they can define while also making it extremely simple and quick to sync to Braze.

How Snoonu’s In-App Games Lead to a Winning Lifecycle Strategy

Looking to increase engagement and retention without breaking the bank, Snoonu decided on a creative route to grab users’ attention: In-app gamification. With this strategy, the team could explore the effects of gamified experiences on how customers interact with the app, as well as boost awareness. With Braze, they could launch these campaigns quickly and easily.

Snoonu focused on two separate campaigns to start. First, they seized on the opportunities presented by the 2022 World Cup coming to Qatar. Knowing many users would be otherwise busy or breaking out of their routines, they wanted to incentivize customers to order and keep engaging with the app during the games. Tapping into the World Cup excitement, they created an in-app game where users had to collect 32 flags from different restaurants that reflected specific country’s flags. Each flag was collected by performing a specific action—for example, users could earn a Mexican flag by placing an order for Mexican food. Once customers collected all 32 flags, they were entered to win 5,000 QAR.

Here’s how they did it:

  1. First, the CRM team created 32 custom attributes, one for each flag.

  2. Next, they then created 32 webhooks, which triggers the related custom attribute for each flag.

  3. From there, they utilized some light coding to have each trigger only fire when a user orders from a specific list of restaurants they associated with each flag.

  4. To further incentivize users to complete the game, they created a custom HTML in-app message that acted as a tracker. Every time customers opened the app, they would see a button that led them to an in-app message with their progress and how many flags they’ve collected.

  5. All told, the team began work on ideating this campaign roughly two months before the campaign kicked off.

After the campaign ended, they used the data on their level of engagement from the campaign to segment users in Amplitude for more effective messaging. Specifically, they created cohorts based on how many flags they collected.

For their next campaign, they wanted to help solve the drop off that occurs during the month of Ramadan, as customers typically order less food and spend more on meals cooked at home. For this campaign, they created an “Order and Win Gold” game where users collected ten treasure chests for a chance to win 300 grams of gold. Using the same setup as the World Cup game, they used a series of custom attributes and webhooks to trigger the treasure chest collection. For example, if a user ordered from a fried chicken restaurant, it would trigger a Diamond Chest attribute to be added to their profile. This time, in addition to custom in-app messages with trackers, they also sent emails and push notifications to alert customers of their progress, keeping them engaged.

They were able to move even more quickly with this campaign taking only one to two months from idea to launch. They also used behavioral data generated from the “Order and Win Gold” game to create segments of users in Amplitude for further personalization.

“Braze has helped us save hours of manual and technical work, and has been a significant factor in Snoonu’s exponential growth.”

Andrew Edward
Product Marketing, Snoonu

Snoonu’s Results: Increases in High-Value Actions That Drive More Revenue

The fun, gamified campaigns has been instrumental in driving both engagement and long-term loyalty for Snoonu. With Braze, ideating and implementing each strategy was lightweight and saved the team months of time.

40% Increase in revenue
30% Increase in orders per user
10% Increase in average check per user

Key Takeaways

  1. Quickly deliver results with a reusable campaign framework. Once Snoonu found a successful strategy, they were able to replicate and iterate on success without having to start from scratch. This saves the team countless time on brainstorming and building new campaigns.

  2. Build your personalization strategy around your data. It’s not enough to just know your customer’s name. Get a holistic understanding of how they interact with your brand today in order to better personalize comms for them tomorrow.

  3. The more channels, the more likely customers are to stick around. Having the ability to reach customers across the channels they’re using makes it easy to ensure they stay engaged with your brand.