Second Dinner Amplifies Player Engagement with Braze Content Cards
96% Of user engagement with the campaign had Content Cards as their first source of awareness


After the initial buzz of MARVEL SNAP's launch, Second Dinner faced the challenge of keeping their player base engaged. They were looking to deliver timely, dynamic, and personalized content updates—all without interrupting game play or overburdening their development resources.


By using Braze Content Cards, Second Dinner can deliver news about the game, its events, and other content that bolster game play and makes players feel like part of their community. Content Cards are seamlessly integrated with their in-game technology, and support responsive updates and iteration without requiring Second Dinner to update the app every time they add new content.


96% of users identified Content Cards as their first interaction point with new campaigns, and these cards were responsible for driving 86% of traffic to the campaign’s voting page. This strategy not only retained users but also drastically cut down the time required for updates, significantly boosting operational efficiency.

Founded in 2018, Second Dinner is an independent game development studio on a mission to craft engaging and innovative video games. Known for MARVEL SNAP—a swift-paced collectible card game featuring Marvel Universe characters—Second Dinner is committed to delivering high-quality, accessible gaming experiences.

Central to Second Dinner’s success is a robust customer engagement strategy, essential for sustaining player interest and loyalty, particularly after the launch. They focus on keeping MARVEL SNAP “ridiculously fun” and fresh by regularly updating the game with new, captivating content and features that deepen the player's connection to the game.

Engaging players at every level: MARVEL SNAP's innovative content strategy

With an eye on maintaining player interest well beyond the initial launch excitement, Second Dinner strives to offer a constantly evolving gaming experience that remains fresh and engaging session after session.

When building out their MARVEL SNAP post-launch messaging strategy, Second Dinner set forth clear objectives:

  • Deliver timely and relevant content: Ensure players encounter new updates and content as they advance, maintaining engagement.

  • Personalize interactions: Tailor content to match the diverse interests and gameplay patterns of different player segments.

  • Minimize development overhead: Facilitate quick and straightforward content updates.

  • Boost player retention and loyalty: Cultivate a vibrant game community through consistent and relevant content delivery.

MARVEL SNAP’s content strategy was focused on the dynamic use of Braze Content Cards, which are personalized, persistent messages embedded right in the app interface. Unlike in-app messages, Content Cards aren’t disruptive, so MARVEL SNAP can use them to seamlessly engage users while they’re playing the game.

Here’s how they did it:

  • With Content Cards, they were able to deliver news about the game, feature fan art, spotlight creators, send updates about events, and more, all without interrupting game play.

  • Since Content Cards can be used to update and personalize in-app content without writing code or upgrading the app, they were able to quickly adapt the game content based on player feedback.

  • Using Braze Canvas, they created intuitive user journeys that adapted to shifting data on the fly.

  • Messages were segmented by user attributes and behavior, and were dynamically personalized to give each user a 1:1 content experience.

  • They regularly analyzed the effectiveness of their messages in order to iterate on the next one.

This structured approach, grounded in the specific capabilities native to Content Cards, directly addressed Second Dinner’s need for a scalable, efficient way to manage game content and player engagement, which was especially critical post-launch to keep the gameplay engaging and responsive.

The overwhelming majority of players first heard about the event or gained awareness of it, from those Content Card placements…I can't tell you how many times we think about boosting a YouTube video or boosting a social media placement, just hoping that somebody hears about this thing that we're doing. Meanwhile, we have this placement that we control that we own that does all this heavy lifting for us, incredible return for what it takes to implement this.

Aland Failde
Senior Vice President, Second Dinner

Second Dinner's Results: Enhanced Engagement and Operational Efficiency

Through the strategic use of Content Cards, Second Dinner significantly boosted engagement with MARVEL SNAP. This integration not only kept the game experience fresh and engaging but also played a critical role in player retention and community building, marking a success across multiple platforms. By seamlessly integrating content updates and personalized features directly within the game, they achieved impressive results:

  • 96% of players engaged with the campaign identified Content Cards as their initial point of awareness. They were able to generate a ton of awareness from this owned channel, and didn’t have to rely as much on paid ads or social media boosts.

  • 86% of traffic to the campaign’s voting page was driven by interactions with Content Cards.

These results highlight just how powerful Content Cards can be in grabbing player attention and ramping up engagement levels. These tools have been a game-changer for Second Dinner, slashing months off production timelines and simplifying content rollouts. This agility lets them quickly adapt to new data and player insights without the hassle of a full app revamp. More than just keeping the gameplay lively and engaging, this savvy strategy has bolstered player retention and loyalty, amplifying MARVEL SNAP's triumph across various platforms.

96% Of user engagement with the campaign had Content Cards as their first source of awareness
86% Of traffic to the campaign’s voting page was driven by Content Cards

Key Takeaways

  • Leverage technology for efficient content management: Content Cards enable quick, efficient updates and personalization, crucial for maintaining player engagement and reducing dependency on development resources.

  • Utilize data-driven insights for continuous improvement: Regular analysis of player interactions with content informs the continuous refinement of strategies, ensuring the game remains relevant and enjoyable for a vibrant player community.