Mon-Marché.Fr Uses Braze Data Transformation to Easily Activate Data to Drive More Orders
43% Increase in orders placed

Problem, an online grocer and delivery service based in Paris, wanted to use additional customer data to create personalized messages that drove orders without requiring dedicated technical resources to integrate data from outside of Braze.


By leveraging Braze Data Transformation, mon-marché.fr found a user-friendly way to automatically import and activate valuable data to better personalize content for customers. They were also able to use that additional data to deliver order reminder campaigns that were unique to each customer.


With more data at their fingertips, the mon-marché.fr team was empowered to act on customer data, personalize more communications, and grow their brand with new ideas. They’ve been able to increase orders by 43%, a critical component in driving revenue.

Mon-marché.fr is a premier service offering households in Paris and surrounding areas a way to get market-fresh produce, meat, dairy, and more delivered directly to their door. With mon-marché.fr services available 15 hours a day, seven days a week, urbanites who can’t fit grocery shopping into their busy schedule can conveniently order what they need online and have quality items delivered.

As a brand that strives to fill in the gaps for on-the-go city dwellers and make grocery delivery more accessible, customer engagement is essential to mon-marché.fr’s success. To achieve their mission of delivering the excellent taste of fresh food to all, the mon-marché.fr team needs tools in their tech stack that aggregate and activate data seamlessly, allowing for a 360-degree view of their customers.

From Manual Efforts to Automated Data Integration

Offering a personalized service for busy customers means that collecting and using first-party data to improve every touchpoint is a must. However, in the age of endless processes, getting the job done manually can cause friction for even the most organized teams. That’s why the mon-marché.fr team relies on Braze Data Transformation, the Braze platform’s data integration tool, to funnel valuable customer data directly into their Braze workspace.

By implementing Braze Data Transformation, the team eliminated the need for resource-consuming manual API calls and third-party tools to update user profiles. Instead, they left the heavy lifting to webhooks for communication between source platforms—like Typeform and Zendesk—and Braze.

Before using BrazeData Transformation, in order to get relevant outside data into Braze, the mon-marché.fr customer success team would need to set up time with their internal tech and data teams to align on what information they wanted moved over. Then, they would have to champion their request over other business needs to prioritize getting the task done—ultimately creating a siloed approach that affected their ability to personalize content for their customers.

Braze Data Transformation revolutionized the once complex task of moving user data between mon-marché.fr’s tech solutions by enabling the team to build and manage webhook integrations that automatically collect and organize incoming data directly into their workspace—all while requiring next to no coding experience. And now that the team has Braze Data Transformation set up between their user data platforms, profile updates roll in seamlessly to one place, making user profiles in Braze a consistent source of truth for the entire company.

With the ability to easily access data such as Net Promoter Scores (NPS), product reviews, and profile and communications preferences directly in Braze, the mon-marché.fr team is able to create campaigns that build stronger relationships with each customer. For example, when the team receives a customer’s communication preference via Braze Data Transformation, that info is stored as a custom user attribute. It is then referenced to determine when certain Content Blocks are displayed.

Mon.marché.fr also recently launched a “It’s Time to Order” campaign that sends out reminders to customers to place an order. With Braze Data Transformation, mon-marché.fr can access external user preference data, update the attributes on user profile, and then use it to send a push notification on a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly basis. They also use Braze Connected Content to send different personalized messages to each user, each time.

“Braze Data Transformation has significantly improved our operational efficiency and ability to leverage customer data. This feature provides a powerful and user-friendly solution for integrating third-party information, freeing our team from traditional technical constraints. We are now better equipped to deliver more personalized and relevant customer experiences.”

Stéphanie Gauci
Head of Customer Satisfaction, mon-marché.fr

Mon-marché.fr results

The “It’s Time to Order” campaign has been a particular success, driving a 21% push open rate and 43% increase in orders placed. Additionally, thanks to Braze Data Transformation, the team feels they have greater control of user data and an increased understanding of their customer’s experience with the mon-marché.fr platform, allowing them the insights and resources to explore new engagement strategies and meet their company goal of operational agility.

43% Increase in orders placed
21% Push open rate

Key Takeaways

1. Work smarter, not harder. When inefficient processes or insufficient resources get in the way of creating a better overall experience for your customers, it’s time to optimize. Look for ways to automate or streamline important tasks so they never get dropped in production limbo.

2. Data access and activation is the key to delivering personalized experiences. There’s a lot of noise out there for consumers—make sure you’re sending the right message to build a long-lasting relationship with your audience. Without real access to timely data, you risk alienating customers with irrelevant messaging.

3. Your tech stack is only as good as its ability to work together. And it should make your job easier, not more complicated—it’s meant to be a tech “solution,” after all. Ensure the tools you invest in work as a standalone function AND as a piece of your larger tech infrastructure.