Digital Nutrition Platform Lifesum Encourages Healthier Habits With Personalized Journeys Powered by Braze

When Lifesum wanted to better understand user behavior, add mobile channels, and unlock powerful segmentation tools, they turned to Braze and Braze Alloys technology partners Looker and AWS. Powered by a best-in-class tech stack, Lifesum was able to create more personalized messaging, including an email campaign that drove 74% of users to come back to the app.

Digital nutrition platform Lifesum helps over 50 million global users live healthier and happier lives through better eating. Whether their goal is to manage their weight, build healthier habits, or simply have more energy throughout the day, Lifesum offers users personalized nutritional guidance at scale and features a variety of meal plans: Healthy recipes; food, water, and exercise trackers; and more based on their goals, dietary restrictions, and lifestyles.

Long-term engagement is important for Lifesum because their product helps users to create healthy habits, improve relationships with food and achieve their health and wellness goals over time. That means that the longer they engage with Lifesum, the more valuable it is.

So when Lifesum wanted to better understand their users’ behavior through analytics, unlock the power of user segmentation, and add mobile engagement channels to their messaging mix, they turned to Braze and Braze Alloys technology partners Looker and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to improve their strategy.

Better Understanding Users and Campaigns

The first step in their Braze implementation was integrating the Lifesum mobile app with the Braze SDK. Then, Lifesum integrated their internal user database, which was powered by Braze Alloys technology partner AWS.

Lifesum had already created various custom events in their app that are triggered when users track their food, water and exercise, but were unable to see the resulting data in a summarized manner per user. To remedy this, Lifesum and the Braze implementation team decided to use webhooks that were triggered whenever a custom event around food, water, or exercises was tracked. The webhooks were then set up to send a POST request to Braze to create a brand new custom attribute called ‘weekly_total_meals_tracked’ in that user’s profile and assign a 1+ count each time the webhook was triggered, providing more visibility into the actions that each user was taking.

Next, Lifesum set up a weekly recurring customer journey in the Braze Canvas customer journey management tool to send personalized email reports to each individual user on Sunday nights, summarizing their progress for the past week. Lifesum used Liquid personalization to securely add personalized user data to these messages, making them more informative and tailored to each recipient.

a phone with the lifesum app

To tie it all together and gain a holistic view of their users’ activities and goals and how their campaigns and communications affected them, Lifesum set up an instance of Braze Alloys technologypartner Looker, which allows for data visualization from multiple sources.

“Braze has truly empowered our team to activate our first-party data to deliver personalized, in-the-moment messages that guide our users on their journey to healthier, happier lives!"

Kristijan Arsov
Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Lifesum

Results: Increased Engagement and Retention

The personalized user progress reports had an extremely positive impact on engagement rates, with 74.4% of users coming back to the app and 65% of users continuing to track their food in the next 30 days.

The team at Lifesum also gained internal efficiencies after implementing Braze, becoming notably much more self-sufficient when creating new campaigns that require data. For example, creating their “Weekly Progress Report” campaign messaging is now automated and modular, saving their Dev and Data teams approximately 2-4 weeks that would otherwise be required to build a solution from scratch.

Finally, Lifesum gained valuable insights on how their users engage with the app and are constantly improving their strategy to better retain them.

Key Takeaways

  1. With Braze, brands like Lifesum can drive higher engagement and retention rates through personalized user journeys and campaigns.

  2. Braze helps brands bring great experiences to both consumers and marketers, by increasing message automation and helping save development time.