KFC Ecuador Boosts Revenue by 15% With Cross-Channel Marketing


Product Feature:

15% Increase in revenue


KFC Ecuador wanted to increase conversions among users with unused mobile coupons.


KFC Ecuador leveraged Braze Canvas and Intelligence Suite to design digital engagement campaigns while easily adding variants to test different messaging.


KFC Ecuador increased revenue by 15%.

The KFC brand is synonymous with tasty fried chicken at the company’s 22,000+ worldwide locations in more than 150 countries—including Ecuador, where the brand has 148 locations and is hugely popular.

To stay ahead in the competitive quick service restaurant (QSR) market, KFC Ecuador wanted to improve engagement of customers between restaurant visits. The company’s plan? Find new ways to track customer behavior and use that data to inform personalized engagement campaigns. With this data, KFC Ecuador could gain valuable insights by setting benchmarks and measuring performance indicators such as customer lifetime value (LTV) and cost per acquisition (CPA).

Customer Messaging Delivered at the Right Place and Time

KFC Ecuador’s 100 restaurants were already very successful, but their marketing teams lacked a detailed understanding of consumer behavior, the preferences of certain demographics and regions, and which promotions to leverage within certain segments. The business was already looking at data from the KFC app and customer accounts to better understand behavior, but wanted to dig deeper—with the goal of understanding more completely how users interact with the app, the best channels to reach KFC customers, and which messages struck a chord with recipients. In particular, KFC Ecuador saw that many users downloaded coupons with the KFC app, yet didn’t redeem them.

Channels Utilized

To encourage customers to redeem unused coupons, KFC Ecuador used the Braze Intelligence Suite’s Intelligent Timing feature and our Canvas customer journey testing and management feature to design a campaign with variants to test the appeal of value-added offers such as free delivery or free menu items (e.g. hamburgers). The brand leveraged Canvas to compare whether customers responded more to messages sent via email or push notifications and used Intelligent Timing to ensure that each customer received these messages during their unique high-engagement windows, supporting stronger engagement with the outreach.

“Braze gives us the answers we need to get to know our customers better and therefore serve them better. When we roll out new offerings like in-store pickup, we’re now equipped with more insights that help us improve our marketing.”

Stephane Godoy
Regional Marketing at KFC Ecuador

KFC Results: Deeper Understanding of Customer Segments, Increase In Sales

Using Braze Canvas helped KFC Ecuador define new segments in its customer pool. By reaching customers with targeted contextual messaging, KFC Ecuador was able to cut down on abandoned coupons and increased revenue by 15%.

15% Increase in revenue
15% Sales directly attributed to Braze

Key Takeaway

When businesses depend on local customers, marketing campaigns require unique tactics—like leveraging technology to ensure that they’re reaching customers in the right place and the right time for each individual recipient. For a QSR brand like KFC, contextual engagement plays right into the spontaneous and short conversion cycle common in the business. And combining location with other factors like unused coupons allows even more refined targeting.