Jumbo Increases New User Retention by 18% With Braze and Amplitude

When Australian lottery retailer Jumbo wanted to grow their business and keep their customers coming back to play, they turned to Braze and Braze Alloys technology partner Amplitude, increasing retention by 18% and driving revenue up by 16% per active user.

Jumbo Interactive Limited is an Australian corporation that provides lottery operators and retailers worldwide with the solutions needed for success. Since the company was founded in 1995, Jumbo’s own digital lottery retail platform Oz Lotteries has grown to become a market-leading provider of official government and charitable lotteries, leveraging the latest technologies to craft engaging and entertaining purchase experiences for their customers.

Like many gaming companies, Jumbo was making heavy investments in paid acquisition but had trouble retaining users. But they knew that upgrading their customer engagement strategy could make their acquisition investments worthwhile and keep their customers coming back to play.

Personalizing the Onboarding Experience

As Jumbo geared up to adopt a new customer engagement strategy, the company also set out to test a hypothesis: Could an onboarding experience that’s aimed at helping customers get the most out of Oz Lotteries help build retention and decrease churn? What if it was truly personalized, based on not just who the customer is, but their behavior, too? In addition, they created a goal that seemed reasonable—namely, increasing new user retention by 14% over one year.

Jumbo immediately started to take advantage of the wide range of customer engagement tools offered by Braze. First, they used Canvas, our customer journey management tool, to create an onboarding journey that greets each new user and educates them on how to play. Using Canvas Audience Paths users were sent on a different journey based on the jackpot amounts they first purchased, ensuring that each user was nurtured in a personalized way. For instance:

  • Users who purchased low jackpots would be easy retain to because, as weekly players, they finish their journey early

  • Users who purchased high jackpots are typically harder to retain, so Jumbo knew to send content that would engage and entice them back to the app

From there, Jumbo utilized Canvas Decision Splits and behavioral data to further segment those users and send them down specific paths based on their first purchase. This helped Jumbo specify where users ought to go next on their journey based on their playing behavior or game purchases. Each of these welcome journeys lasted two months and provided valuable insights about what parts of Jumbo’s strategy most appealed to those individual users.

“Braze provides us with the necessary tool kit to shine as a team and be able to measure and communicate wins back to the business. Not only can we now execute sophisticated, automated, and personalized activity, we can prove it too.”

Bailey Wilde
Growth Marketer, Jumbo

Jumbo Wins

In the nine months since the program launched, they saw an 18% increase in new user retention, a 16% lift in average revenue per active user and a 6% increase in app installs.

In addition, with handy tools like automation and templating in the Braze platform, their marketing team has gained autonomy, saved crucial development efforts, and saved valuable time, supporting a more effective and more efficient customer engagement program.

Key Takeaways

  1. Understanding your audience’s journey and better educating them on the value they can expect to derive from your product is essential in creating loyalty and retaining users.

  2. Robust data solutions for analyzing audience behavior don’t have to be daunting—in fact, they can make your life easier.