Hosco Boosts User Activity and Drives 10,000 Job Applications with Personalized Engagement Campaigns

Hosco helps job seekers in the hospitality industry connect with employers, show off their resumes, and sharpen their skills. Through its website and mobile app, Hosco adds a social spin to the hospitality recruitment scene. By energizing its onboarding and re-engagement campaigns with Braze, the company saw a 54% jump in click-to-open rates and 10,000 new job applications from users.

Hosco is a global recruitment platform for the hospitality industry, but it’s much more than a job board. With career advice from hospitality leading lights like chef Alain Ducasse and online courses on everything from revenue management to sustainability, Hosco has brought a social network vibe to the job-hunting process.

Getting people fully onboarded with Hosco is a key step—but keeping them coming back and engaging with Hosco is just as critical. To make the most of their customer engagement efforts, Hosco leveraged Braze to improve three areas of user interaction: Onboarding, re-engagement, and app rating.

Messages With a Human Touch Engage and Retain Users

Hosco identified their onboarding flow as a key area for improvement, and sought to nudge users to complete important steps like finishing their profiles. The company used customer journey management tool—Braze Canvas—to kick off a multi-path customer journey, adding personalization through Liquid tags based on high-value actions—such as finishing profiles and completing job applications—and automatically adjusting messages based on whether users successfully completed a given action.

Once users were onboarded, Hosco implemented a cross-channel approach to driving re-engagement among lapsing users. This strategy, powered by Braze, included a weekly thought leadership email newsletter as well as push notifications to nudge them to check out more content and apply for jobs.

The final step was to encourage users to rate the Hosco app. By taking advantage of the Braze platform’s ability to trigger messages based on user actions, Hosco sent app-rating in-app messages to users who had just carried out a high-value action, allowing them to drive up their app ratings on Apple’s App Store and Google Play by more than 17%.

“These results are amazing, as it's really difficult to gather such an increase in only two months!” says Alina Litvinova, CRM specialist for Hosco. “This is a very big step and advancement for us.”

Hosco Results: Jumps in User Activity, Job Applications, and App Ratings

By creating a richer onboarding experience and nudging users to interact with content and apply for jobs, Hosco saw a 54% increase in unique click-to-open (CTOR) rates. Hosco’s app store rating, which had been about 4, rose to 4.7 on Google Play and 4.8 on Apple’s App Store, making it easier for them to drive organic downloads and see stronger user acquisition overall.

Final Thoughts

In just two months, Hosco turned around its onboarding and re-engagement experiences by using Braze to create relevant, personalized flows and messages for job seekers in the hospitality industry. By inspiring Hosco app users to complete their profiles, search for jobs, and engage with experts and employers, the company generated a spike in user logins, job applications, and CTOR—plus a boost in its app-store ratings.

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