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Customer Journey Software: The Heart of the Martech Stack

By Tiffany Duncan Mar 02 2020

Providing customers with a seamless user experience is imperative for engagement and loyalty. In a global study by PwC, 73% of the 15,000 respondents reported that a good customer experience is important when deciding whether to buy from a brand or not. For innovative marketing leaders, owning a powerful tech stack is the way to provide customers with the positive experiences that they seek. With over 7,000 martech solutions to choose from—including advertising, content, experience management, and data tools—it can be overwhelming for a marketer to decide which software best fits their business needs.

For Zoltan Szalas, Senior Product Manager at IBM, having a tool—Braze—to track the consumer journey is integral to optimizing campaigns.

How IBM Utilizes Consumer Journey Data

“We use Braze for multiple functions,” says Szalas. “One of the most important functions is to nurture customers along the digital journey using event and behavioral triggers.” This tracking allows the team to target specific user behaviors in real time; delivering timely communication at any point along the customer journey has in turn enabled IBM’s messaging to be more human.

The Two Other Keys to IBM’S Growth Tech Stack

Szalas leads the growth efforts for IBM’s data and AI portfolio. His team’s growth stack consists of Amplitude, Segment, and Braze, which Szalas describes as “sister tools” do to their ability to integrate and work with each other to create powerful campaign results. IBM’s campaigns tend to start in Amplitude, where they use Pirate Metrics to attach KPIs to different parts of a user’s digital journey. Streaming the complex cohorts created in Amplitude into Braze in order to execute multi-channel content is one example of how these tools can work together.

Based on analyses done in Amplitude, Szalas looks to Braze to implement campaigns to drive goals such as customer education, such as directing Watson Studio users to the relevant tools they should be utilizing. Szalas and his team saw that while their customers signed up for Watson Studio, there was a general lack of knowledge on which products they should use within the cloud. IBM utilized Braze to first send in-app messages to their users and then, once seeing the success from these messages, ultimately created a Canvas where they delivered multi-channel educational messaging. “The Braze and Amplitude integration is just really, really powerful,” Szalas says, adding that you do not have to be a technical person to understand how to use the software.

Start Following Your Customers’ Journey

Being able to track your consumers from pre- to post-sales enables your team to provide relevant content at any point in their journey. Building robust campaigns includes reaching your users across all of the channels that they engage in along their journey. By knowing how each consumer behaves, you can segment and target specific behaviors and events. With Canvas at your disposal, a powerful campaign is only a drag and click away.

Tiffany Duncan

Tiffany works with all of the marketing sub-departments to ensure the success of the marketing initiatives at Braze. When not in the office, you can find her at the movies or staring quizzically at a menu before deciding on the usual—a burger and fries.

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