How Meal Delivery Service Deliveroo Satisfied Its Global Hunger for Data

Deliveroo enabled their global team with real-time, actionable data insights to inform global campaigns, all at scale.

Back in 2013, Deliveroo was founded with a simple mission: to bring amazing food from great local restaurants directly to people’s doors—and transform the way people eat. From its origins in London, Deliveroo has spread to over 500 towns and cities across 13 countries worldwide.

What are the factors in Deliveroo’s success? The company provides fast, reliable food delivery and gives customers a great selection of popular restaurants to choose from (Introducing more new restaurants all the time!). Most important, Deliveroo is always investigating the latest technology to innovate and expand, continually exploring new channels and tools to add more value to their both customers and their couriers.

Deliveroo’s goal: Provide rich, relevant, cross-channel messages to customers worldwide

Early on, Deliveroo established a goal of building a strong, global, cross-functional team across its CRM, Data, and Engineering teams. To accomplish this, the company’s CRM team at Central London HQ needed to support Deliveroo’s marketing in 12 other countries from a data perspective.

Typically, the Central London team tests different marketing channels, tools, and campaigns in the London market and then rolls these out to the other regions based on the results. To make sure they’re accessing accurate campaign data in real time, Deliveroo uses Currents, the high-powered data export tool from Braze.

Currents provides a real-time, high-volume interface that supports direct connections between Braze and data warehouses, business intelligence tools, and other marketing tech stack layers. Using Currents, Deliveroo’s marketing team automatically moves data between Braze and other layers of their stack. This makes it easy to manage and evolve Deliveroo’s marketing strategies and processes, while ensuring that all teams in all regions have seamless access to any Braze data, regardless of platform.

Deliveroo has explored many channels, tools, and campaigns through Braze including push notifications, in-app messages, News Feed Cards, email, webhooks, and iOS 10 rich notifications. The company has had great success testing different combinations of channels for reactivation campaigns.

Deliveroo’s strategy: Use Looker to become more globally data driven

Deliveroo’s Central London CRM team made Looker dashboards available to all the other global teams, who can now view the same data about their customers. In fact, by using Looker, a Braze Alloys Partner, the HQ CRM team reduced the amount of time spent fielding data requests by 8x.

Using Looker, these teams can now go into a dashboard, join Braze campaign data with other important data sets like average order time, read through the data set, and easily look at a visualization of the data. They can also switch the presentation format and then easily access subsets of the data to gain actionable insights. And by using Currents, they can view all of this information in real time.

A sales funnel
This is an illustrative example of how Looker visualizes campaign data. This image is not reflective of any Deliveroo data or campaigns.

What marketers can learn from Deliveroo

By using Braze Currents in conjunction with Looker, Deliveroo has been able to break down silos, improve time-to-value, and democratize data access. All of its global teams have become empowered to explore data insights for their own regions. And because Currents makes it possible to gather and share data in real time, it’s more relevant and actionable for all teams.

Moving forward, Deliveroo is better able to effectively experiment with different customer initiatives, to identify and leverage the ones that work best. And the company can now focus on more impactful projects that can help every aspect of the organization, such as complex product analysis.