Cabify’s ‘Invisible Email’ Raises Social Awareness While Driving Engagement

Sometimes, effective messaging is about more than driving engagement metrics. For Spanish ride-sharing app Cabify, a unique, two-part email campaign offered the chance to celebrate the diversity of their audience and showcase their commitment to accessibility.

For Spanish ride-sharing app Cabify, their commitment to inclusivity is a critical part of how they communicate with their customers. In White Cane Awareness Day, an international celebration of the blind and low-vision community, the Cabify team saw an opportunity to both raise awareness and show off the accessible features of the app.

Cabify’s Unique Campaign, Powered By Braze

The campaign was achieved in two steps. First, users would receive an “invisible” email. At first blush, it would appear to be a simple image with no included text, but it contained descriptive text that could be heard via VoiceOver. Once users opened the first email, they were sent a second that explained the nature of the first, and how it tied into both the experiences of blind and low-vision community and the suite of accessibility features that are a part of the Cabify app. Their hope was that users who received the second email would return to the first, highlighting both the experience of blind and low vision consumers and the value Cabify puts on accessibility.

Setting up the campaign was easy due to the Braze Alloys ecosystem. The HTML for the “invisible” email message was built through Braze partner Taxi for Email, which allows marketers to create intelligent email templates using a simple, powerful syntax. The two-part email send was set up through Braze Canvas, our customer journey tool, and incorporated all active users for the past year. Lastly, Cabify sent data from Braze Alloys to partners Amplitude and Tableau to track opens between the two messages.

Results: The “Invisible Email” Drives a 84% Reopen Rate

The main focus of the campaign was to drive social awareness, and the effort garnered plenty of buzz, gaining traction on social media and press coverage. It also drove high engagement rates, with 84% of people who opened the second email going back to experience the first.

Final Thoughts

Promotional campaigns, discounts, and the like can go a long way toward building consumer relationships, but sometimes, it’s most important to let customers know who you are as a brand. Cabify’s innovative use of email to drive home its core values made users take notice, and brought attention both to an important social issue and to the company’s commitment to its customers.

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