Bloom & Wild Lives Out Its Core Values Through a Customer-First Campaign

Since launching in 2013, Bloom & Wild has become the UK’s leading ecommerce flower delivery service, completing 1.8m deliveries last year. Check out how they created an empathetic campaign that increased engagement through a customer-centric approach.

Mother’s Day spending in the UK was projected to rise to about £1.6 billion last year, with most of the spending being on gifts. While some customers were thrilled to go above and beyond to find the perfect presents for their loved ones, for others Mother’s Day can be a painful reminder of their individual struggles. Understandably, people with sensitivities to Mother’s Day would rather not be bombarded by messaging about the holiday; the team at Bloom & Wild heard their voices loud and clear and took action.

Since launching in 2013, Bloom & Wild has become the UK’s leading ecommerce flower delivery service, completing 1.8m deliveries last year. Flowers ordered from the brand can be delivered at any time with a wide range of items including hand tied bouquets, plants and hampers.

Bloom & Wild Exemplifies Their Core Values Using Braze

When planning their Mother’s Day opt-out email campaign, Bloom & Wild’s focus was not on garnering revenue or hitting sales goals—instead their priority was on putting their customers first. This ties to two of Bloom & Wild’s five core values, “Care” and “Customer First .” These core values are all about paying real attention to the details that will help customers.

Standing by their core values, Bloom & Wild utilized Braze to give all of their customers the option to opt-out of upcoming Mother’s Day communications. All customers were emailed a link to a simple opt-out landing page. Customers who opted out were all added to the same segment so they could be removed from the upcoming campaign, ensuring that they wouldn’t receive Mother’s Day messaging that they might find upsetting.

The Opt-Out Campaign Saw Same-Day Results

Close to 18,000 Bloom & Wild customers opted out of their 2019 Mother’s Day campaign. The same day that the opt-out campaign began, interactions with Bloom & Wild on Twitter grew from an average of 4-5% to 20%, an increase of more than 4X. Positive customer feedback also came in through phone calls and emails, spiking up to 1,500 responses—5X the average amount from Bloom & Wild customers.

Positive feedback for the Mother’s Day opt-out campaign was so great that Bloom & Wild created similar opt-out email campaigns for Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Grandparent’s Day. In the aftermath, even competitors of Bloom & Wild have begun executing opt-out campaigns of their own.

In 2020, Bloom & Wild pioneered the Thoughtful Marketing Movement. This movement, which was inspired by the positive feedback received from Bloom & Wild customers and even the UK parliament, to encourage other brands to follow suit and provide their customers with empathetic and human communication. Brands who join the Thoughtful Marketing Movement commit to setting up opt-out email campaigns for their own customers and commit to providing alternate messaging to those who decide to opt-out from certain holiday campaigns, as well. As of today, over 100 brands have signed up for the Thoughtful Marketing movement.

“Our campaign assured customers that we uphold our core values, and put customers first.” said Lucy Evans, Retention Lead at Bloom & Wild. “Allowing customers to decide for themselves if they wanted to receive messaging about occasions that might be sensitive for them led to a lot of positive feedback and the launch of the Thoughtful Marketing Movement, which now has over 100 brands taking part.”

Final Thoughts

By sticking to their core values, Bloom & Wild has found a way to balance their status as a go-to service for meaningful flower delivery in Europe with next-level customer care that puts individual people’s well-being first. By embodying brand humanity, Bloom & Wild is laying a foundation for stronger customer/brand relationships and deeper customer loyalty in the years to come.

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