Build Stronger Customer Relationships With Multi-Channel Messaging

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Today’s marketer has an abundance of messaging options, but too many organizations limit themselves to email and the occasional push notification, neglecting some of the most effective channels at their disposal. Marketing that relies on a single messaging channel is a recipe for failure: push notifications can be turned off, emails can go unread, and customers who have stopped using your app aren’t going to see your in-app messages.


Reach every customer in the channel of their choice with multi-channel messaging

New research* carried out by Appboy has found that multi-channel campaigns boost retention by 130%. Building better (and more lucrative) relationships with your customers requires an approach that draws on all of the major messaging channelspush notifications, in-app messages, email, and more—to ensure that you’re reaching every customer every time. Not only can multi-channel messaging increase the effectiveness of your outreach, it also makes it easier to give your customer the targeted, relevant notifications that bolsters their connection to your brand.

To help you reach your strategic goals, we’ve put together a guide to multi-channel messaging that includes an overview of all the major channels and the types of messages that work best for each, and five multi-channel campaigns you can set up right away for quick, meaningful results. Take a look!


Over the course of the study, Appboy examined campaign results associated with 4.7 billion messages sent during 30,000 distinct marketing campaigns. Our research looked at Appboy customer data gathered between November 2013 and June 2015.

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