How Payomatic Transforms Data Insights into Personalized Customer Experiences with Braze and Snowflake

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Magith Noohukhan
Customer Engagement Evangelist at Braze
Steven Mayotte
CIO at Payomatic

When check cashing and financial services provider Payomatic realized it was time to evolve its customer engagement strategy, it turned to Braze and Snowflake Secure Data Sharing. Find out how they successfully pivoted from a brick-and-mortar business into a direct-to-consumer, mobile-first mindset with routine engagement and next-level personalization.

Watch this webinar to discover:

  • Why a data-driven approach to messaging creates more relevant, personalized customer experiences

  • Leveraging different messaging channels reaches customers at the right time throughout the lifecycle journey, increasing LTV

  • How centralizing and analyzing in-the-moment customer data will better inform campaigns and drive higher conversion rates


Today’s top global brands are sending tens of billions of messages per month to over 5.5+ billion monthly active users (MAU) with Braze.