Designing an Effective Loyalty Program for Turbulent Times

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Rewarding through headwinds

A loyalty program is NOT a nice-to-have promotional strategy or a short-term fad. It’s an effective tool to bring in and nurture members that will become a company’s most profitable customers in the long run.

That is why 90% of companies have some form of customer loyalty program in place. However, only 19% of loyalty program members say they feel special and valued by their loyalty program. What is the difference behind such a huge gap? Why do most loyalty schemes not deliver the desired results?

What you will learn from our Loyalty Lessons webinar:

  • What should you consider when designing a loyalty program?
  • What are some of the most common mistakes brands make when starting out?
  • How do you create messaging and personalized notifications that help branding shine through in customer interactions?
  • How does recession affect the type of rewards and incentives in a loyalty scheme?


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