Data Activation With Braze, Snowflake, and RudderStack

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Conversation-like engagement campaigns require contextualizing data in near real-time. With Braze, Snowflake, and RudderStack, you can deliver at scale, personalized campaigns almost instantly.

Join Braze SVP of Global Alliances Matt McRoberts, RudderStack Growth Leader Eric Dodds, and Seattle Data Guy Ben Rogojan for a webinar and dive into how data flow is being used to create a bi-directional, continuous data loop between Snowflake and Braze to fuel conversational customer experiences.

As an added bonus, you could win a mechanical keyboard from Drop with an official Lord of the Rings Dwarvish keycap, courtesy of RudderStack.

Attend and learn how:

  • a feedback loop between Braze and Snowflake drives more comprehensive customer profiles
  • this architecture delivers on the promise of real-time, conversation like customer engagement


Today’s top global brands are sending tens of billions of messages per month to over 5.5+ billion monthly active users (MAU) with Braze.