The Invisible Enabler: Unlocking the Creative Potential of Technology

Brand marketing has entered a new era – for too long, there’s been a false tension between creativity and performance. The work showcased in this report shows that art and science are natural partners in successful customer engagement, and technology can be the catalyst that frees great ideas by removing complexity and barriers to effective execution. To get ahead of the curve, marketing teams must examine what's preventing them from hitting the sweet spot that combines great brand messaging with effective bottom-line outcomes, removing the obstacles to creative effectiveness.

In our 2022 report, The Invisible Enabler: Unlocking the Creative Potential of Technology, we partnered with WARC, the global authority on marketing effectiveness to lift the lid on how some of the world’s most admired brands are pioneering the way technology is used as a hidden enabler for creativity, driving standout customer engagement.

In this exclusive Braze report, uncover:

  • Ten case studies of 2022’s top creative campaigns using data to drive engagement and revenue

  • Five expert-identified themes that explore the magic of tech, creativity, and customer engagement

  • Five key lessons to take forward in your engagement game - IRL, online, and in the metaverse

The insights from this report show that customer experience is a key and necessary priority for all brands - some of whom can now draw insights from a wealth of data but all of whom must prepare for significant shifts in regulations and the availability of third-party data.

Imaad Ahmed, Head of WARC Advisory EMEA


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