Exploring Today’s Vertical Engagement Stack

Today’s brands are living in an in-the-moment, technology-driven, mobile-first world—and so are their customers. To break out of old habits and transform the way you’re speaking to your customers, you need to take a hard look at the technologies supporting your customer engagement efforts.

One key ingredient you may not be leveraging? A vertical engagement stack built on real-time, streaming data. To help you better understand what a vertical stack makes possible and how to leverage it effectively, we’ve put together a seven-part content series exploring all the ins-and-outs, including:

  • How channel silos are impeding many brands' marketing efforts
  • The downsides of disconnected layers within your martech stack
  • The business benefits of leveraging a cross-channel customer engagement platform
  • The role of streaming data in supporting cohesive brand experiences
  • And more!

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