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Appboy’s Updated In-App Messages: The Mobile Marketer’s Secret Weapon

By Mark Ghermezian Jun 3, 2015


As the mobile space matures, more and more brands are realizing how essential a robust mobile marketing strategy is to their short- and long-term success. But while the number of companies using Mobile Marketing Automation platforms is growing, too many marketers still see outreach in this space as synonymous with push notifications, neglecting to take advantage of the full suite of messaging channels. Perhaps the most underutilized of these options is in-app messaging, a powerful, versatile tool for driving increased user engagement and bolstering conversions across app categories.

To help marketers use the messaging channel to its full potential, Appboy recently announced SDK updates that included game-changing in-app message upgrades. These improvements vastly expand the capabilities of this already robust channel, giving marketers the freedom to customize and personalize these messages in whatever way works best for them.


With Appboy’s Slideup In-App Messages, you have the ability to provide users with direct, concise notifications that effectively pass on information without seeming like an ad or significantly interrupting their in-app experience. It’s a great way to share helpful tips for using your app, or let users know about (and direct them to) time-sensitive information like an ongoing sale that’s just about to expire.


Appboy’s Modal In-App Messages are perfect vehicles for conveying information in conjunction with a more formal call to action. These communications only partially obscure users’ screens, allowing you to capture their attention and get your message across while keeping users grounded firmly in the app. With more space for explanatory text and support for clickable buttons that deep link to pages within your app or directly to the mobile web, this format is a strong fit for announcements like significant app updates and major sales promotions, among other uses.


Using Appboy’s Full Screen In-App Messages, marketers now have the power to craft deep, immersive landing pages bursting with text and rich graphics – ideal for directing users’ attention on the most important feature updates and outreach. This type of message also supports clickable buttons with deep-linking capabilities, making it easy to send users wherever you need them to go.

Both Modal and Full Screen in-app messages support icons powered by Font Awesome, making it easy to insert icons into your messages that users are familiar with, increasing the likelihood they’ll give your outreach a second look. All three types of messages allow marketers to customize their color palette, making it possible to tint your fonts, buttons, icons and backgrounds to match your brand.

And these updates aren’t happening in a vacuum. All three types of in-app messages support the full spectrum of powerful features powered by Appboy’s Mobile Marketing Automation platform, including personalization, Connected Content, Intelligent Delivery and more.

To learn more about our robust new line-up of in-app messaging types and how the get the most out of them, check out our blog post on the most recent updates to our iOS and Android SDKs, Appboy Academy’s best practices for in-app messages and our video below!

Mark Ghermezian

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