LTR 2019

LTR 2019: How Effective Teams Use a Cross-Channel Strategy [VIDEO INSIDE]

By Tiffany Duncan Feb 01 2020

Marketing veterans recognize the importance of transforming their company's internal teams as their industries change. At this year’s Long-Term Relationships (LTR) Conference, held by Braze on October 29–30, 2019, at Pier59 in New York City, a group of tenured marketing veterans representing, Skyscanner, Intuit, and Yelp explored how they take advantage of smart collaboration to successfully execute on best-in-class cross-channel marketing strategies.

This session will cover:

  • Crafting a unified brand experience across multiple channels
  • How to make strategic martech choices and demonstrate ROI to your company’s internal stakeholders
  • Identifying and evaluating new channels to add to your messaging mix

Marketing Thought Leaders Share Cross-Channel Engagement Strategies and Successes

Across channels, technology and marketing strategies go hand-in-hand. Adding tech to your messaging strategies turns a one-size-fits-all push notification into a personalized rich push or a generic campaign into a location-based segmented in-app message. The utilization of cross-channel strategies are only one part of what it takes for your marketing team to succeed; the other part is ensuring that you’re delivering meaningful connections across these channels. Communication shouldn’t be prescriptive—it should look and feel like a real human is talking to you.

At LTR, Amrita Damani, Mobile Marketing Leader at Intuit, Swati Khattri, Senior Manager, Mobile Marketing at, Ianina Lucca, Growth Director at Skyscanner, and Denise McGuane, Sr. Manager of Consumer CRM at Yelp discussed how to best use a combination of push notifications, emails, in-app messages and other channels to give customers a unified customer experience. They cover everything from segmentation to internal education to migrating to a marketing-friendly platform.

Score Insight Into Cross-Channel Engagement Best Practices

Done right, cross-channel messaging can increase user engagement by up to 844%. But these kinds of results don’t just happen without being more strategic with your data and martech choices. Get more insights from the discussions at this year’s LTR.

Tiffany Duncan

Tiffany works with all of the marketing sub-departments to ensure the success of the marketing initiatives at Braze. When not in the office, you can find her at the movies or staring quizzically at a menu before deciding on the usual—a burger and fries.

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