LTR 2019

LTR 2019 Video: Making Connections That Matter With Solutions Partners [VIDEO INSIDE]

By Madison Gardner Oct 28 2019

Making connections that matter across data and technology takes hard work, as well as strategic and technical expertise. Touchpoint scenarios, how people research products and services, and what consumers expect from your brand are all changing. This year’s LTR focused on leveraging tech and teams to build better relationships with consumers.

What you’ll learn from this session:

  • The role and benefit of solutions partners in supporting effective customer engagement
  • How to ensure you’re creating value for your brand, for your business, and for your customers

Succeeding in Today’s Mobile-First Landscape

Braze sat down with Steven Moy, CEO of Barbarian, for an exclusive discussion of today’s customer engagement ecosystem and how brands can uplevel their approach to marketing. As digital customer engagement efforts are increasingly tied to driving revenue, it’s becoming more important for brands to marry all those elements with a customer-focused strategic vision. Moy explores blending old tech and new tech, utilizing exponentially increasing amounts of data, and why “speed is the new black.”

Ready to Dig Deeper?

Check out findings from this year’s LTR to explore ins-and-outs of today’s digital landscape and how to create a customer-focused strategy.

Madison Gardner

Madison is the Senior Writer at Braze. When she’s not writing case studies or discussing retention strategy, you can find her food crawling her way through every major city.

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